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We (and our customers) had such a great time on the Learn to Speak Dog session over the Christmas period, that we’re running it again. Just 4 places, Sunday Feb 20th, 10am – 2pm.

Another exciting event, making full use of the opportunity we have at The Brickworks, is an introduction to fun nosework.

Please note your dog must be happy and comfortable in a group to attend these sessions. If you’re unsure, please just get in touch.

If you need help with your dog because he/she is uncomfortable and struggles around other dogs, we would love to help. Check out our one to one training or get in touch.

Learn to Speak Dog

Very limited places – 4 maximum. Dogs MUST be happy and comfortable in a group and happy to be in a crate, settle in your car, or sit by your side for short periods.

  • Do you want to understand your dog better?
  • Have a specific issue you just can’t sort?
  • Feel you could just perfect your dog’s behaviour a little – not sure how?
  • Wonder why your dog does some of the things (s)he does?
  • Maybe you just want to learn more about how a dog thinks and learns?
  • Enjoy learning new skills?

This course is a 4 hour session. There will be some theory but the theory will all be put into practice.

The dogs will get a lot of time in the field and will go home tired and happy and loving you just a little bit more for the trouble you’ve taken to understand him/her better.

You will have opportunity to send in your requests for what you want from the course.

A confidential, friendly session. Be honest and open about everything. I (Sandra) will be taking the session and I promise to have you in fits of laughter with honest stories about my journey so far with 11 month old Tommy the Dane.

Even dog trainers get it wrong, get frustrated and need help. I’m lucky, I have a team of people to support me.

4 hours to shut out the world and concentrate on your dog.

This isn’t for dog aggression but if your dog has aggression issues and you’d like to come along without your dog to learn more you are very welcome to book a place.

Just £120 (incl VAT) for 4 hours in a small group of 4, like minded, friendly people.

Sunday 20th Feb 10am – 2pm.

Book your place now – 4 places only

Learn to speak dog

Introduction to Fun Nosework

Fun Nosework

  • Understand how amazing your dog’s nose is
  • Be aware of your dog’s body language
  • What it means to your dog to use his nose
  • Learn how to make DIY scent hiding kit
  • Understand odour detection

And just have fun, interacting with your dog

3 x 2 hour sessions, Sunday mornings 10 – 12

March 6th, 13th and 20th



Book your place

Learn to Speak Dog

£120.00 Inc. VAT
Learn to Speak Dog - Sunday 20th Feb 10am - 12


£180.00 Inc. VAT
Introduction to fun nosework. 3 x 2 hour sessions, Sunday March 6th, 13th 20th, 10am - 12.

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