**Unleash Your Dog’s Potential with Pet Gun Dog Training!**


**Discover the Adventure:**

Take a look into the world of pet gun dog training – a journey that transforms your loyal companion, into a skilled and obedient pal. This isn’t just about teaching basic commands; it’s about mastering the art of steadiness, recall, perfecting the sit-stay, walking alongside you on a lead, responding to distance commands, and reacting to the whistle with speed and excitement.

**Embrace the Challenge:**

We introduce you and your dog to the exciting gundog skills of retrieving and hunting. Imagine your dog’s excitement and sense of accomplishment as they fetch and hunt, using their natural instincts.

I love nothing more, than seeing a dog’s tail wagging, ferociously, as they search for their ‘retrieve item.’ We don’t care if it’s a toy, a ball or a gundog dummy. All we care about is your dog learning the skills, doing as instructed and having a great time.

**Guided Learning in Action:**

Our classes are hands-on. For dogs still perfecting their recall around distractions, we can use long training lines, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for growth.

**Nurture Instinct, Enhance Life:**

It’s more than training; it’s about nurturing your dog’s natural instincts to enrich their life. The NDTA Pet Gundog programme caters to your pet’s inherent needs. We offer challenges and skills for you both.

Watch your dog advance through our unique grading system from grade 1 to 6, each step a milestone in their achievement.

**A Class for Every Canine:**

Regardless of breed, if your dog loves to carry or chase, they’ll love our classes. From energetic Jack Russells to majestic Great Danes, and all the gundog breeds in between – all are welcome.

**Skills for Life:**

Pet gun dog training is an amazing partnership between you and your dog. Together, you’ll explore and master new skills, channeling their natural instincts.

Pet gundog training changed my life – it’s why I became a dog trainer. It changed the life of my dog, 15 years ago. Without it, I’m not sure where we would have ended up. He may well have spent a lifetime on a lead.

**Purpose and Joy:**

A dog’s happiness is in doing what they’re bred for. We all need a purpose and our dogs are know different.

**Join Us and Transform Your Dog’s Life!**

6 Week Course Options

You can choose your start date on the following times.

Saturday (Hedge End) 11.45am

Sunday (Copythorne) 10.30am

             New class starting September 

Sunday (Hedge End) 10.30am – any start date on or after 1st September

Sunday (Whiteparish) 9.30am – temporarily on hold


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More about what you learn

Learn retrieving, verbal and whistle commands and some hunting skills. More detail below.

Retrieving can be anything, a toy, a canvas dummy (as in the picture), or a ball.

Safety for your Dog

Ball throwing can do immense damage to our dogs joints. If your dog is a constant ball chaser, teaching your dog a steady retrieve process with a ball, could prevent long term damage.

Teaching your dog to ‘hunt’ for tennis balls in long grass, makes a ball much more fun than just throwing it.

Grading challenges from grade1 – 6.

During the 6 week course your dog will learn,

  • A STOP command
  • Rapid response ‘COME’ around distractions
  • Rapid response recall whistle
  • Lead or even off lead walking
  • Sit stay around distractions
  • Sit to whistle
  • Sendaways to a mat
  • Sendaways around an object
  • How to retrieve, following your guidance

Recall, lead walking, sit stay and good focus training are all part of the course, so your dog doesn’t have to be perfect at any of these things, but your dog does need some basic training in place.

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Rolo retrieving

Other Options

Personalised one to one sessions available. Any level, beginner to advanced.

Climb the Tree of Achievement as you work through your pet gun dog gradings.

If you’d like to do this training on a one to one basis we suggest you book two hour slots. Book your first session here and we’ll be in touch to arrange a convenient time for your session.

There will be rest time for your dog as there is plenty to discuss and learn in the classroom.

Pet Gundog Day Camp

Check out the details, just click here.

Questions? Get in touch. 

Tilly hunting

One to One Gun Dog Session

£97.50 Inc. VAT
One to one pet gundog 2 hour session

6 Week Pet Gundog Class Saturdays

£175.00 Inc. VAT
Book your place for a 6 week pet gundog class Saturdays 11.45am any start date

6 Week Pet Gundog Class Sundays

£175.00 Inc. VAT
Book your place for a 6 week pet gundog class Sundays 10.30am - Any start date on or after 1st September

Pet Gundog Course New Forest

£175.00 Inc. VAT
6 week pet gundog course Copythorne (New Forest) Any start date

What will your dog learn in pet gun dog:

How to retrieve - fetch something, bring it back and put it in your hand
Whistle work - recall, stop and hunt
Work off lead alongside you, despite distractions, maintaining focus
Hunting - working with you in close proximity
To search for things off the floor - not everything that needs retrieving lands on the floor
How to work in straight lines
How to retrieve around a clock by direction - back, out and straight
To listen to you, even on the hunt- that is amazing when you get to that stage
To come back the same way he went, even if that isn't the most direct route
To find things on your instruction, even when (s)he hasn't seen them go out (blind retrieves)

Below is a list of some of the gun dog breeds

Below is a list of some of the more common gun dog breeds. Remember if your dog is a mix of any of the below, so that includes cockapoos and labradoodles then you have a gun dog breed. Poodles themselves are a gun dog breed. The poodle ‘hairstyle’ originated so the fur kept their joints warm when in the water.

People often underestimate the poodle.

We best add the Lagotto Romagnola in after Crufts 2023, although I always think of these dogs as Truffle Hunters.


Golden Retriever
Italian Spinone
English/Irish/Gordon Setter
Working Cocker Spaniel
Springer Spaniel
Flat Coated Retriever
Hungarian Vizsla
Spanish Water Dog
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller)
Lagotto Romagnola

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