Our way of dog training is different.

We offer outdoor training in a fun way, building on focus and motivation, so your dog will choose to ‘be good’ because it works well for him/her.

Our reputation has been built on our results. We aim to make training your dog fun and something you look forward too. Many people have commented that our style of training is ‘like a breath of fresh air.’

Check out our Back to Basics programme for class training or our One to One programme for more specialist help and support.

We guarantee that, by the end of your class programme, you will have the information and understanding you need to train your dog. All class programmes are available to you, online with videos and printable documents to support you with your training.

Dog Training Classes

We do things a little differently at the NDTA

Here are just some of the things we can help you and your dog with in our classes.

One to one help is also available for dog’s that just aren’t ready for a class. Maybe your dog barks a lot in the company of other dogs and/or people or maybe your dog is scared around other dogs and shows aggression. We can help with all of this with our one to one service.

Whatever your situation we have a course to help and support you and your dog.

Focus without command - despite distractions
Strengthen/build the bond between you and your dog
Recall - making sure your dog comes back when called - despite distractions
Stop your dog from jumping up
Teach your dog to choose to walk nicely on the lead with you
Teach your dog to respond to one command
Teach your dog to be calm around dogs and people
Fun activities to keep your dog mentally stimulated

Good Behaviour Dog Training

Dog training has changed so much over the past 15 – 20 years. We’re not keen on the word ‘obedience.’ Let’s stick to terms like ‘good behaviour’ or ‘well behaved’ dog.

Dogs learn by patterns and habits (a bit like us really). If we train the right patterns and habits we get the behaviour we want from our dogs.

Dog training classes can be great fun and challenging. Your dog has a great time and goes home tired. Get the basics in place and you’ll be amazed at how far you can take your dog training.

Dog training classes not appropriate for you or your dog? No worries, we can do some one to one training.

Whatever your dog or puppy training needs we have a service to suit so please get in touch and let us know how we can help.


Available Dog Training Courses

Dog Training

Dog training with us is not only effective but great fun too. It’s positive for both you and your dog.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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