Does my dog need classes?

If your dog is new to you, or if you feel your training is slipping then outdoor training classes are  a good idea. Classes also ensure you find that much needed time to carry out your training with your dog. Many of our customers continue to come each week so they get quality time with their dog.

Is my dog too old?

No dog is ever too old to build new bonds or learn new skills. Training provides your dog with mental stimulation and is fun. Back to Basics Training Class is the ideal beginning class for you and your dog if you want to get your training back on track or if your dog is new to you. Dogs need to be comfortable and happy in a group.

My dog is well-behaved already, do I need classes?

Outdoor class dog training is a great way to test your dog’s behaviour. Will he really come back when he could run off to play with his friends? Will he focus on you when lots of things are going on around you? Classes give you fun activities to do with your dog when you’re in the park and that quality time each week is such great value to your relationship.

I have a rescue dog; will they be okay in group classes?

With rescue dogs its important to know as much of their history as possible but this isn’t possible for some cases. If your rescue is happy and relaxed around other people and dogs, then they should be suitable for our back to basics dog training classes. However, for rescue dogs that are nervous and uncomfortable in groups we do offer one-to-one training classes. One of our senior trainers will work with you and show you how to help your dog feel more relaxed, confident and comfortable around dogs and/or people.

What will my dog learn in training classes?

Our classes vary depending on age and skill. All of our classes are guaranteed to be a fun and enjoyable learning experience for you and your dog. You can be sure that your dog will learn something new each time. All classes have supporting videos for you to continue your training throughout the week.

Your dog will learn general good behaviour, climbing the Tree of Achievement as you go.

I want to be a trainer; can I do that?

Yes, you can be a dog trainer. We offer a Dog Trainer Certificate Programme. In this course you will learn everything you need to become an effective trainer.

We have lots of success stories where after completing our course, people have gone on to have thriving businesses, being their own boss – check out our testimonials! Alternatively, you can also apply to become a volunteer with us and learn on the job. Anyone with a passion for dogs and a passion for helping people get the best out of their dog should apply.

How long is each session?

Each session is an hour. When you book, your class will be on the same time and day every week.

Do I need to book?

Yes, you do need to book a place. You can do this online, just go to the Back to Basics training page or if you need one to one training go here. Any questions just let us know.

What if it’s raining – do you cancel?

Generally, we don’t cancel or postpone classes if it is raining. You have to take your dog out so why not come along to training and enjoy the company of your friends. If we do have to cancel because we feel it is too dangerous, e.g. thunder and lightning, then your course will be run online. If you don’t have online facility we will arrange something else.

Puppy Training

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