Specialist Dog Training Activities

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Pet Gundog Training

Pet gundog classes are available as a 6 week course or as a regular, weekly training programme. Available at Hedge End and the New Forest. Go to the gundog page to get more information.

Recall Workshops

Recall workshops are for dogs that have had training in recall, but where it’s gone flaky and needs ‘hotting’ up. Check out available dates on the recall page.

Nosework Workshops

We just love nosework. Every dog should have opportunity to use their nose in a positive way. Check out the nosework page, if for nothing more, than to learn more about how amazing your dog’s nose is.

Activities include Truffle Hunting and Tracking.

Other Activities

Throughout the year we do short introductory courses and follow on courses in various fun activities, including those mentioned below. Go to the other activities page to find out times and dates for activities.

Flyball, Treibball, Without dog workshops


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