Dog Training Services

Our success in dog training is built on our results – we’ve been described as a ‘breath of fresh air’ with our unique and positive methods. It’s these methods and our attention to customer care that has led us to receiving mutiple awards, annually, over the past 12 years.

As a team, we have a variety of breeds of dog and have experience of several rescue dogs as well as starting out with a young pup. Between us we have a lot of experience.that we can use, to help you and your dog build a great life together.

All training is outdoors to give the perfect environment of distractions.

For good basic behaviour, if this is reinforcing a behaviour that’s gone a bit flaky, or you’re starting from scratch. As long as your dog is comfortable in a small group of dogs and people our Meet and Greet training session is the place to start. More information available by clicking the button below.

Meet and Greet Session

One to One Training

If you feel you and your dog need one to one support, or your dog is not comfortable around other dogs and people, then we can support you with our one to one training.

If your dog has any reactivity or aggression issues, please speak to us first, so we can be sure we are the right people to support you. If we’re not, we can help you find someone who is.


Other available dog training,


Fun, learning days with your dog – choose one or two day option

If you really want to learn more about your dog and how they think – what’s really going on in their head? Why do they do that? Try our Without Dog Workshop. You come without your dog and learn what makes them tick.

Without Dog Workshop

For more specialised training activities such as recall, pet gundog and nosework, go to our specialised training page.

Dog Training

Dog Training

Whatever you need for you and your dog, we would love to help. We are passionate about supporting people to get the very best from their dog with positive training methods.

Yanking a dog around on a lead, using a slip lead or other harsh methods of training, don’t teach your dog anything. This just trains your dog by fear. 30 years ago it was the training we thought we had to give, because we had little understanding of the domestic dog and how it learns.

Join us today, and let us support you and your dog to build an amazing bond.

Get in touch with questions, we’d love to hear from you.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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