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In just 6 weeks you can have the perfect puppy.

Get your puppy training started today with our  full, detailed, online, 6 week puppy training course.

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Work your way through this 6 week, step by step programme. A carbon copy of the course we provide face to face.

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Request puppy online training video sample


6 week puppy training online

Puppy Training Online

£49.50 Inc. VAT
6 week, online puppy training programme

Train your Puppy, Kindly, Fairly and Effectively with this Online Puppy Training Programme

Train your puppy, kindly, fairly, firmly and effectively.

6 week Online Puppy Training Programme.

A carbon copy of our 6 week face to face puppy training course.

Our training is all about teaching your pup what you would like them to do, so they understand what’s expected. Dogs and puppies learn by habits and patterns. We’ll show you how to build the right habits and patterns.

The free, full ebook included with the course, includes topics on puppy biting, toilet training, the value of a crate and how to train it properly. The live, weekly Q & A session is available to answer any questions.

See below what you learn on the course.

Focus and listening despite distractions
Train to one command - sit means sit - no repetitive commands
Come when called, despite distractions
Life - saving 'LEAVE IT' command
Choose to walk well on the lead
Down (lie down)
What is socialisation - understand how to do this properly
Lots of fun activities to keep pup mentally stimulated

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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