Puppy Training

Welcome. At The National Dog Training Academy, we understand that the bond between you and your puppy is special. That’s why we’ve developed a puppy training programme, unlike any other – a place where fun meets effectiveness, and giving you the support you need. We understand how scary, overwhelming BUT exciting, owning a new puppy can be.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Not only are we here for your initial puppy training, but you can choose to stay for many months or even years to come. We’re here when you need us.

Join a Multi-Award Winning Dog and Puppy Training Academy

Below are the options for puppy training with us.

6 week, face to face puppy class training programme

One to one puppy training at our venue

6 week, comprehensive, online puppy training programme

Our goal is not just to help you train your puppy but to help you understand what makes them tick by getting to know what’s going on in their head. All online and face-to-face sessions are run by our team of professional and fully qualified puppy trainers.

What do you get?

Whatever puppy training service you choose, it also includes:

  • Full puppy eBook (you can download a free version here).
  • Live, online puppy training Q & A session, every week. (Sandra – Head and Founder of the Academy, runs this session personally).
  • Professional video support of all training activities.
  • An invite to further your training at the end of your course.

We have other free eBooks and a very useful one to ensure you prevent or treat any mild separation anxiety can be downloaded here, where you can also find further information on this topic

No Nag Puppy Training Methods

The NDTA puppy training is a very tried and tested programme and it is one of the things that has made us multi-award winners, every year, over the past 12 years. We refer to our training as ‘no nag’ because we try to save our commands for back up and emergencies. Training a puppy or dog is about teaching pup, kindly and effectively, the good behaviours we want, so they do this naturally, much of the time..


Puppy in Training

Supporting you in your Puppy Training

We want to be sure that you get the support you need. Our team have a range of breeds of dog of varying ages. Some that came to us as pups and some that came to us as rescues.

The team, as part of their ongoing training (which we are very committed to), attend classes with their own pups and dogs (including Sandra), so we all get an understanding for how the customer feels in a class. That means we recognise you might be a little nervous or anxious, especially on week 1, despite the excitement of bringing your new pup along to class.

Puppy Training Classes Near Me?

Looking for puppy training classes nearby? At The National Dog Training Academy puppy training classes are in Hedge End, Bursledon Brickworks, and the New Forest.

Our Dog Trainer Programme, former students are spread across the UK. If you’re not local to us, we might have a trainer near you. Just get in touch.

Our training courses will make a real difference and help you create a strong bond with your puppy. Puppy training is focused on everything you need. Puppy-biting, jumping up, toilet training, focus along with recall, lead-walking, sit, down, leave, stay, correct play and lots of fun activities.

When attending one of our group sessions your puppy will get to meet lots of new puppy friends and will get plenty of training dealing with distraction.

Our puppy training classes are delivered in 6 weekly sessions at Hedge End, Bursledon or Copythorne(New Forest).

These courses are the perfect introduction to dog training, and they will help to ensure that your puppy grows up to become a well-behaved dog.

Puppy Training Near Me

How to Choose a Local Puppy Training Class

Don’t just pick the first puppy trainer near you, you need to make sure that your chosen course is carried out by a reputable and professional trainer. At The National Dog Training Academy, we’re a multi-award-winning team of qualified dog and puppy trainers who have together trained over 10,000 dogs.

Before you decide on a class, ask to go along and watch a class. Get to see how the class works and make sure it’s right for you and your dog. We are very happy for you to come and watch our classes. Just get in touch if you’d like to do this.

Our in-person courses take place outside where there is plenty of space, other puppies, and plenty of other distractions. This creates the perfect environment where your puppy can learn how to deal with other dogs and distractions that you encounter daily in the real world.

Do you Offer Online Puppy Training?

Struggling to find a puppy training class near you? Our online courses could be the perfect option as they walk you step by step through our professional training. Simply watch the training videos and practice what you learn with your puppy while out and about in the local park where there are plenty of distractions and space to run around and play.

Request a sample video. 

Prefer One to One Puppy Training?

Our one to one puppy training takes place at our venue in Hedge End. Over 3 sessions we will work you through the same programme as we cover face to face in classes. Where possible we will aim to do at least one of your sessions around some distractions of a class (if you’re comfortable with this).

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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