Health Tips

Dangers of Grass Seeds

Ticks - do you know what they are?

What's Normal - Health Check

Alabama Rot

Checking for Lumps and Bumps

Fleas - check this out

Be Aware of Lung Worm

Grooming Importance

Reducing Treats in Training

Bloat - Raising Awareness

What Food?

Food Dangers



Mouldy Food

Xylitol - artificial sugar

Clean your Water Bowls

Have you Heard of a Slo Bowl

Safety Tips

Spring Bulbs

Cool Mats

Hot Pavements

Dangers of Rock Salt/De-Icers

Firework Preparation

Be Seen in the Dark

Safety in the Home

Wearing ID Tag - the law

Training Tips

Dangers of Flexi/Extendable Leads

Long Training Lines for Recall Training

Recall Tip

Training a Whistle

Training a STOP Command

Training Patterns and Habits

Car Travel

Front Attachment Harness to Stop Pulling

Toilet Training

No Grazing - set meals

Garlic Free Liver Cake

Using Fruit and Veg for Training Treats

Boredom Breakers


Use of a Cardboard Box

Food Search

Treats under a Towel

Tidy Garden - Make a Dig Box

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