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What do we do in Puppy Training?

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Training your puppy is all about getting your pup to do what you ask, when you ask, despite distractions. Distractions is the key word. Pup may be very good in the home, (s)he may sit when you ask, may come when you call BUT would your puppy do that in a group of other pups and people, or in a park with lots of scents & smells.

This is often where people make the early days mistake. It all seems to be going so well until they start venturing in to the big wide world. Get to 4 or 5 months of age and it all starts to fall apart.

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However well-behaved your pup is or isn’t it’s vital to teach pup what your commands mean. What do you expect of puppy. We don’t mind if you want puppy on your settee – that’s fine – but make sure puppy understands (s)he only gets on the settee when you say, & (s)he gets off when you say.

This also prevents injury.

Do you have any idea how many pups break their leg jumping on and off the settee?

Training your puppy is about safety

Taking us back to that word ‘distractions’ this is the reason we do ALL puppy training outdoors. That and the fact that puppies are happier in an outdoor environment.

Getting your puppy training right is so important. Let us show you how to do it properly. Come and have a look to see how our outdoor training classes, are different. We work very hard and consistently aim to achieve excellence awards.

We have trained over 3000 puppies and their owners

We use this programme to train our own rescue dogs and puppies

We run 16 dog and puppy training classes every week 

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We are consistent Award Winners

Over the past 6 years we have one 8 awards, the logos of which can be seen on our home page. This is our most recent award of which we are very proud and determined to achieve annually.

Why outdoor puppy training? It’s the only way to make sure you can teach your pup to do all the things you want, including coming back when you call him/her, in the park as well as in the home.

Teaching your puppy how you would like him/her to behave and fit into your life, right from the start, is by far the easiest way forward. Get it wrong and you have a much harder job later on.

We take your training needs very seriously which is why we ensure all staff are trained ‘how to teach’, not just trained ‘how to train a dog’. We provide a range of services to help you through this exciting, but sometimes overwhelming time.

Class and one to one puppy training will all involve outdoor training sessions. 

You might want:

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The answers to some of the commonly asked questions about puppy classes can be found here but please get in touch if you can’t find the answers you are looking for or if you want to talk it through with us.

Whatever you need we believe we have the very best puppy training programme available. Our 6 week outdoor course has been tried and tested over many years, giving only the very best results.

Our training is unique and different in many ways. Come and have a look so you can see what I mean.

This is what others say

I can’t thank you enough for the training… we have both loved it! And the techniques you have provided have really helped Cayo! Anna

Amanda sent us this lovely message after finishing puppy class with Tracey my senior trainer,

We wanted to say a special thank you to Tracey who has just been incredible with us as novice dog owners and also our two children, Oskar and Leo. Leo especially is very fond of Tracey and she’s helped his confidence with dogs so much and we will always be grateful to her.

Our puppy training is based on teaching your pup what you want him/her to do without constant commands.

Focus and motivation are the two keys to getting any dog or puppy to do as you ask or want, despite distractions of other dogs, rabbits, squirrels, birds etc. We show you how.

Don’t just take our word for it – come and watch a puppy training class.

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