Why Train with the NDTA

Dog and puppy training with us is not only effective but great fun too! It’s positive for both you and your pup and works on teaching our dogs to live in harmony with us. We know we are different but don’t just take our word for it.

Come along and watch a class    – see what goes on, meet us, meet our customers

All staff keep up to-date with ongoing training & learning. Check out some of our dog training instructor certificates.

Here’s what Mike has to say about our 8 week puppy programme,

‘As we have now finished puppy training, i will be the first to admit i thought i knew how to train a dog, but i will hold my hand up and state that i knew absolutely nothing!!’

We really will show you ways of training your dog or puppy that will strengthen your bond, not break it. We’re not pretending it’s easy. It’s not. You need to put the work in but we will show you how to do it.

Lots of back up each week in between classes, videos on our website, all course materials are written up online as a reminder for you each week and there’s a weekly Q & A on a Wednesday evening.

Take a look at some of the photos people send us of their dogs or pups, either happily tired after class or out and about having a great time or even doing some training in the park.

You might just want to complete an initial dog or puppy training course or you might want to carry on climbing our Tree of Achievement. Some of our very first customers continue training with us and now they are at the top of the tree.

What’s on offer?

Puppy under 6 months

Puppy one to one service is available. This can be a full one to one training programme or we can do a one off video call to support you in the early days

6 week face to face, outdoor puppy training course

6 week online puppy training programme.

6 week progressive puppy training course

6 week, full online puppy training course

Any dog or puppy 7 months or over

If your dog or puppy is 7 months or over,  we offer one to one services for helping to change your dog’s behaviour if group work isn’t appropriate or we have our 6 week, foundation training programme.

6 week Foundation training course

Training is outdoors as we firmly believe it is the only effective way to do puppy training & dog training. Come and see how it works …..

Come along and watch a class

If you can get focus and motivation from your dog or puppy out in a field with his mates and all those smells then getting the behaviour indoors is so easy.

It’s in the park where your recall training really counts. Teach your dog or puppy to come back when he/she is called despite the distractions in the park.

Dog and puppy training outdoors is not just so much more effective, it can avoid future heartache as your dog’s confidence grows and he/she starts to spread their wings but it’s also great fun.

You can’t do sausage scenting in a village hall and chasing bubbles just isn’t the same indoors.

Once you’ve completed your initial dog or puppy training you have our Tree of Achievement to climb adding  in some fun dog agility or pet gundog training too.

Dog or puppy training outdoors is so much fun for you both.

Start your own Profitable Dog Training School

Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.