About Us

Hello and Welcome

Thank you for visiting my website and checking out who we are and what we are all about.

If you visit the team page you can find out about individuals and read my story about how and why I got started as a dog trainer.  When I set out, I had no intention of setting up a business, it was just about having a job I enjoyed and offering a professional, quality service to people with dogs and puppies.

Here we are now, a Multi-Award Winning Business

For all of us at The National Dog Training Academy, our customers come first. Customers are the heart and soul of our business. We try to listen to our customers and take on board what they say but we also watch our customers in classes, watch their progress as they climb with their dog, up the Tree of Achievement. If people aren’t smiling and laughing in class, it’s our fault. If people aren’t making progress up the Tree, it’s our fault. We don’t just stop at learning how to train dogs, we also learn how to teach people. Training is ongoing for all members of staff.


Take a look at some of the photos people send us of their dogs or pups enjoying life at home or out and about.

We are constantly finding ways to improve not just our training but how to make it more fun. Check out some of our dog training instructor certificates.

You should be in our Portacabin  when we are all in there trying out new ideas. It’s a good job the door is shut! Almost every day one of the team will come in and say, ‘I’ve been thinking, what about ……’ and off we go. Sometimes it turns out to be a rubbish idea (usually one of mine!) and we throw it out – but at least we tried it, and sometimes it turns out to be an amazing idea.

The team feel comfortable throwing ideas in the pot knowing they will be listened to and heard. That’s just how we want our customers to feel. Never too embarrassed to ask a question. Never feeling we won’t listen or take concerns seriously. Never feeling we will judge them.

You will make mistakes with your dog and trust me, we all make mistakes with ours. None of us are perfect and none of our dogs are perfect. It’s how we all learn. Sometimes it’s life that has got in the way and we know our training has lapsed or we have allowed bad habits to develop. It happens to us all. If that’s you, don’t worry, we can help you put it right.

I never set out to build a team or a business. It’s happened because we continually put our customers first. Team members are people who’ve, mostly been customers, then volunteered, then completed the Train the Trainer programme.

All of them have had to complete a tough training programme and they’ve all had to give hours of voluntary time to make the grade.

They have all put their heart and soul into becoming a team member.

We all love what we do.

We want people to love spending time with their dogs and we want to be here to make sure that happens.