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The Beginning of Dog Training and Puppy Training with The NDTA

Dog and Puppy Training

Where it all began

Dog training and puppy training all began when I (Sandra) got a  Flatcoated retriever, without understanding that I’d got myself a gundog. I’d never heard of a gundog.

Rolo and I soon had to learn to find something we could do together that we would both enjoy and that’s what led us, 13 years ago, to where we are now.

Over those 13 years my team and I have never stopped learning. Our dog training and puppy training methods have been tried and tested over the years and we teach our dogs with passion, consistency, and in a positive way. This means you build an amazing, trusting bond with your puppy or dog and create an understanding that allows you to live in harmony.

We are growing every month at a tremendous rate, meaning you can only expect things to get better and better with more options and a never-ending source of information and learning.

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Face to Face Training

We offer face to face classes for dogs of all ages and abilities. We have venues in Copythorne (New Forest), Hedge End (Southampton) and a new venue coming in Chichester. Classes aim to teach you all you need to get the best well-behaved puppy or dog.

All classes are backed up and supported with professional, online videos to give you plenty of guidance in between your weekly class.

With us, you’ll train outside with plenty of space and important distractions for your dog. This is not only far more effective than a village hall environment but also a lot more fun for you and your dog. The training locations are perfect environments for teaching your dog or puppy to focus and do as you ask, regardless of the distractions around.

Good behaviour dog training

Online Training

Because we can’t be everywhere, although we’re trying hard to do that. (Check out our Become a Dog Trainer Programme), we’ve developed a great Online Puppy Training programme.

This has professional videos and documents, explaining and showing you just how to carry out your training tasks. It includes a weekly, live, online Q & A session.

Our testimonials from customers over the 12+ years we have been going will give you a very good insight into the quality of training you will be receiving.

Whether you prefer online, face to face or you’d like to start your own journey towards being a dog trainer – you’ll be a master in no time. You could even apply as a volunteer!

Dog Trainer eBook

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Puppy Training

Getting your puppy training right is so important. Come and have a look to see how our outdoor training classes, are different.

Dog Training

Dog training with us is not only effective but great fun too. It’s positive for both you and your dog.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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