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In just 6 weeks you can have the perfect puppy.

Get your puppy training started today with our  full, detailed, online, 6 week puppy training course.

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Weekly Q & A by Zoom

Just £49.50 to train your puppy

                          The course includes:

                          Full version, 41 page, Puppy eBook 

                          Weekly Q & A by video call


photograph by kind permission of Katie Tonner – visit facebook page

Katie’s sister completed our online puppy course and they kindly allowed us to use their photos.

Train your Puppy – start today with our unique training techniques

Please note, this is online training by video and PDF, with a weekly login for Q & A. Further help can be requested by one to one zoom call, payable at £36 for 30 minutes.

‘No nag, firm, kind, fair and effective puppy training’

  • The course is full of video explanations, PDF documents for each and every task.
  • Work your way through our unique and detailed training programme, step by step to get the perfect puppy.
  • Weekly Q & A sessions, every Wednesday, 6pm by video call
  • Learn everything we teach in our 6 week face to face programme
  • Puppy biting, toilet training is all covered, in detail, in the full version puppy eBook, included with the course.

Not training your puppy is not an option and it might just save your pups life, as it did for Zoe,

‘The training has already been worth its weight in gold. As we were heading back, there is a path up a hill. He took off but my daughter accidentally dropped the lead. He ran full pelt up the hill chasing towards people at the top where there is a road. I yelled ‘Deefer come’ and he immediately turned and charged full on back to me.

Had we not started this training today I am in no doubt whatsoever that he would have attempted to run home without us. It quite literally may have saved his life tonight.’ 

We all hope it won’t happen to us, but it might and we need to be prepared.

Notes from others,

‘the information provided in this course, is all extremely helpful’ – Roxanne, training her puppy Ralphy

‘We have signed up and spent today doing some of the exercises already. It’s great.’ – Sam

Just £49.50 to train your puppy

The course includes:

Full version, 41 page, Puppy eBook 

Weekly Q & A by video call                                                                                                          

Another pup doing the online course

Get started today, sign up for your online puppy training now!

All positive-reward based training building your relationship with your puppy.

What will you and your puppy learn in our Online Course?

Everything we teach in our face to face 8 week , outdoor, puppy programme – at a much reduced price!

Take a look here at what we do in class.

My eBook will walk you through puppy biting, toilet training and early days of settling in.

Weekly video calls included.

The Step by Step Course shows you how to train your pup,

  • Focus and listening despite distractions
  • Sit to one command, moving on to sit stay
  • To come back when called despite distractions of smells, dog, people, squirrels
  • ‘Leave it’ – a life-saving command
  • How to walk well on a lead
  • Down to one command
  • Build your socialisation plan – understand the true meaning of socialisation and how to do it properly
  • Fun activities to keep your puppy mentally stimulated

You will never look back. I promise you will learn things in this course that you would never learn in your local puppy class.


Why choose us? Why are we different?

Many puppy class instructors run a few classes a week, meaning even if they have been running for years, their total experience remains limited. Many only run classes indoors. We firmly believe you can’t train a puppy in a hall.

  • We have over 12, 000 hours of training experience, 16 weekly classes
  • We have trained over 3 000 puppies and their owners
  • We train our team every week – we attend courses regularly to up-date ourselves
  • We train others how to become a dog trainer 

Join us now. Sign your puppy up for a safe and happy life.


Even some of the pups send us feedback

My mum says she gained so much knowledge from your brilliant team and that’s great for me, cos now we can ‘talk’ to each other and I know what she wants me to do.                          Elsie

I heard some very long words today that I don’t really understand, when my mum told someone that The National Dog Training Academy ‘is a great blend of efficiency and organisation with humour and friendliness.’ She then said it is ‘perfect.’ I understand that word because she said my grading was ‘nearly perfect’ and then gave me a treat. Ben

Join us now. Sign your puppy up for a safe and happy life.

If you’re thinking you might even want to become a dog trainer. Take a look here. 

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Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.