Dog Training Classes


- Kim, Remy, Buie, Marley and Marnie

You and your team are amazing and our dogs are testimonials to that.

- Julie and Chester

We use NDTA for our dog, who enjoys socialising and learning, both obedience and agility, she really benefits from our time there, highly recommended.

- Stuart Pretty

The method Sandra and her team employ, and the way it is taught is easy and is the kindest method I have seen, and the one that gets the best out of the dogs and their owners. I can’t thank Sandra enough for introducing me to this method, and I am looking forward to doing a lot more training with Sandra in the very near future.

- Ginge Eames

Fabulous puppy training. We’ve really enjoyed it and Naomi has been great with us all. Just about to book for next lessons

- Sarah and Dolly

Great dedicated team, who go the extra mile to help.

- Kevin Amaira

I and Eddie have learned a lot and have appreciated your professionalism, fun and some times harsh words.

- Catharina & Eddie

Having been a customer of the academy for almost 8 years now I can honestly say that the dog training is excellent, and you will not find better anywhere else. I have taken all three of my dogs to Sandra to various training from 1:1, obedience to agility and gun dog classes and all the classes and the trainers are excellent. Well run classes, knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable trainers.

- Paula Warman

Great training with great people who make dog training fun.

- Alison Thompson
Dog Training Classes

Absolutely wonderful team! Can't rate them high enough; they are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and really care. Classes are great fun for both dog and owner. Have been going to classes with several dogs for over 6 years and the team still surprise me with many talents.

- Kim Botley

Great dog trainers, we love going every weekend. The training is so good - my dog has calmed down and is learning quickly. I would highly recommend - we have been to agility training last year and now we are doing gun do training this year - both include obedience training as well.

- Jessica Gunn

Thank you so much to the whole team at the NDTA for being so helpful, supportive, welcoming, friendly in helping me obtain my certificate for the ‘Train the trainer’ course! Also thank you to the team for your expert help in the puppy class I attend, for my toy poodle puppy willow we are on week 8 Sunday and we’ve loved every part of the course with you!

- Nathan Dunleavy

This is all thanks to the amazing training you taught us, worth every penny and a lot more. We now have the most gorgeous, loyal family dog

- Ruth & Poppy

When my mum says I’ve come on in ‘leaps and bounds’ I hope she notices how well behaved I am, as well as my agility skills.

- Bailey

Great place to train your dog. Sandra and the team are very knowledgeable

- Al Daniel

Couldn't recommend these guys highly enough! They were nothing but supportive, fun and hugely knowledgeable. Sandra and team were brilliant, helping my dog learn at her pace, with the space she needed and without judgement. Their advice has stayed with us and we wouldn't go anywhere else when we need to again!

- Annie Lisa

Sandra is amazing! I was having a lot of trouble with my boy running off on the common and not paying attention. After a few 1-2-1 sessions on the common where the problem was, I gained a lot more focus and attention. Have since been to other training and working with the guys for a few years now. Brilliant team, great groups and fun for people and dogs a like.

- Eric Cutty

Amazing, really can't express how much my pup has changed

- Lucy & PJ

I have a variety of strangers come up to me and complement me on how well behaved Teddy is! so a big thank you.

- Sam M

Really excellent, patient trainers. Cater for all types of training. Our dog has made huge improvements and we have enrolled on another course with NDTA to continue the progress.

- Warren Christie

Started out in puppy classes now working towards our gold behaviour award. Fun class and knowledgeable trainers.

- Emma Walker

Really incredible dog training, totally worthwhile and excellent trainers who go above and beyond.

- Emma Budd

I’ve been to 3 or 4 different training classes ……. but yours is definitely the best.

- Catherine S

Very good as a new dog owners both the dog and we learn 👍

- Mike Mcnamara

Wanted to say 'thanks', you may have saved Rosies life today...

- Eugene & Rosie

I have just finished the train the trainer course and I can honestly say it was the best . I have never been so scared about anything but it was brilliant!!! Anyone wanting to get in to training this is a must!!! Thank you Sandra and the team !!

- Mandy
Billy portrait

Brilliant. Professional but friendly and every week a different carefully planned session that helps you to work with your dogs and have fun. Sandra and the team always have time for advice and tips. Excellently organised. The highlight of my week.

- Sally, Bella and Billy
Puppy beagle training

We have been impressed with the standard of knowledge and advice on hand and have thoroughly enjoyed the behaviour classes and especially the agility. We have recommended the The National Dog Training Academy to friends and family and will continue to do so. When circumstances allow, we will return to continue training.

- Graeme Sampson

Having owned, shown and worked my dogs for coming up to 40 years, training has always been key. I've been working with the team at The National Dog Training Academy for the last 11yrs and have trained my last three dogs with them. They are a credit to the dog training profession.

- Julian Jones
Rhona and Buffy

I must say she (and I) are really enjoying the training and I think she did surprisingly well in the 'test' today - and it was fun!

- Rona B
Happy, happy

The National Dog Training Academy you are the dogs nuts when it comes to training!

- Mike, Buddy and Bella

Staff are friendly and know what they are doing. They treat every dog like their own!

- Warren Hedges

The trainers are so friendly and helpful, they really are a credit to your team!

- Jackie & Dolly

We've had such fun at gundog training over the years. Being in a safe, confined field for training has been brilliant. The great thing is the social aspect and how everyone in the group, and even in other groups really support each other. A huge thank you to Sandra and the team.

- Sandy Swanborough

I love people coming to visit us at home. They always tell mum and dad how much better behaved I am, then I get a treat.

- Ruby

Cannot praise highly enough for the training support given both in outdoor group sessions and on Zoom during recent lockdown. Our little Cavapoo puppy is progressing so well all down to the training support and advice which books cannot provide me with.

- Marie Ancsell
Phill Oakley

The 8-week puppy course is nothing short of brilliant. Their knowledgeable and friendly trainers equip you with the tools you need to teach your pup all the basics and more. They run varied and fun sessions each week that’ll leave you eager to go to the next one!

- Phil Skade

Great people, they helped a lot and now I actually enjoy walking the dog!

- Kev Robson
Puppy beagle training

Best dog training experience, brilliant knowledgeable instructors.

- Mac Lawton

Thank you so much for your help recently. Not only did my first pup home session go well with your help but you also gave me the confidence to do it. My group pup session starts on the 02 May and I promise to load a photo or two.

- Debbie

My mum says she gained so much knowledge from your brilliant team and that’s great for me, cos now we can ‘talk’ to each other and I know what she wants me to do.

- Elsie

Sandra and her team are very helpful with all puppy worries, helping and advising whenever they could. They have taught us many techniques to help make Willow a friendly and well-behaved puppy with people as well as other dogs.

- Vicky Cavana

Outstanding teaching, very friendly and good fun. If you want a well-trained dog, go here!

- Jamie Vogel

Can I say I found the course excellent, providing both theory and practical in equal measures which allowed us to practice what we had learned. This cemented the information whist giving confidence.

You, your staff and your customers were great, allowing us to be part of your world throughout the course.

- Paul McCarthy

Can I just take this opportunity to thank you; the classes have been fantastic and will be greatly missed. I have learnt a great deal, which benefits Percy (I read somewhere about training the trainer, not the dog!).

- Joe B (Sadly moving to London)

My mum and dad used to spend a lot of time getting cross with me and I didn’t know why. Now we just have loads of fun together.

- Buddy

Fantastic trainers who have a passion for what they do. My 2-year-old male has gained huge confidence since his focus training, having since gone onto behaviour and agility classes, which we both love. People now stop to say what a balanced, calm dog he is, which is all down to his classes. All breeds and all ages of dog are welcome. Highly recommend!

- Michele Tebbett

The best dog training around. Started attending their classes during lockdown which changed over to zoom during lockdown 2. Super organised, helpful friendly staff who are full of knowledge.

- Jack Tuckwell

Me and my little dog love it here. Great teachers, we've also made some forever friends here as well.

- Emma Doe

Off I go to the park to play with my friends, then I come to The National Dog Training classes and I find so many of them come here too.

- Misty

You and your team are wonderful and I will most certainly be keeping up everything that you and Sarah have taught me!

- Sue P

An excellent first lesson, the team were excellent. Looking forward to next week's session.

- Michael Lanyon

We had a wonderful experience with our puppy, Manny. He graduated from the 8-week puppy class and is now doing fun agility training to keep up his socialisation and learn new skills.

- Lauren Davidson

My Dad is always telling people in the park how well behaved there dog is and they always say, ‘ we go to The National Dog Training Academy (formerly AA Dog Training).’ That’s where we go too.

- Ozzy

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