How to become a dog trainer

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Click here to find all the criteria for behaviour awards from Bronze to Titanium. Pet gundog grade 1 to pet gundog grade 6. Will you climb the Tree of Achievement?

We are gradually adding marking trackers to the grading criteria. This gives you a place to put your stickers that you get on achievement of each activity and a way to monitor your marks.

Click here to see the current mark sheets.

Here is the link to all the activities you need to learn for your gundog training classes.

Here is the link to all the activities you need to learn for your combi (agility and behaviour) training class.

Foundation Class Page


If you’ve recently completed your puppy training or back to basics class and are now joining us for your 6 week Foundation course then please use this link to take you to the
Foundation Page

You should have received an email giving you the password to the page.

You can download the bronze criteria from this page too.

If you need help, just get in touch.


Dog Training

New Customer Page

Welcome! Great that you have joined us. Please use this link below to take you to your,

New Customer Page

On the page you will find information about your new puppy class, back to basics class or your one to one training. You will find on this page links to videos and supporting documents to help you with all of your training.

Links to the full 6 week programme of training for puppy class and back to basics class is available on this page.

Please use this as a reminder each week but also if you have to miss a class for any reason. This will keep you up to-date.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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