One to One Dog Training Near Me

One to One Dog Training

One to one dog training is appropriate for many reasons.

  • Maybe your dog is reactive and can’t cope in a group with other dogs and people.
  • Maybe you’re uncomfortable in a group.
  • Maybe you learn better in a one to one environment.
  • Maybe committing to a regular time each week just doesn’t work for you.

One to one training is very personalised.

The first step is to get in touch so we can arrange a free zoom call with you. This will be a 30 minute, informal chat, so you can tell us all about your dog and what help you need.

Together we will then be able to work out the best plan. We will most likely be able to give you some good guidance and training to be getting on with, during the zoom session.

If you’re not online, we can chat by phone.

The first step is to arrange the chat. Please click here to get in touch.

Gain focus from your dog in a one to one training session

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