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If you are unsure, or just curious to see what goes on in puppy class, before booking, please arrange to come and watch a class.

Please scroll down for more information about puppy training classes or if you’re ready to book  your place, please use the button below. Places are limited so feel free to book early.

Advantages to Booking Early

  • Access to immediate, personal help, with our online zoom calls
  • The full puppy eBook with guidance for early days at home
  • If your puppy is biting/nipping – the above resources will show you how to manage this
  • If your struggling with toilet training, the above resources will help get this sorted
  • If you’re not sure about crate training, logging in to a personal zoom call will help
  • If you’re struggling getting puppy to sleep through the night, the zoom call will help
  • Things you should never give your pup to eat – information about toxins in the eBook
  • Avoid the mistakes many make when teaching sit – the starter videos show you how
  • Get started on recall NOW – it’s never too soon – the starter videos show you how
  • Avoid separation anxiety – access our separation anxiety ebook


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This is for pups under 6 months of age at the start of training.

A range of start dates are available.

If your dog is over 6 months please use this link here. 

Have a puppy pet gundog?

Join our specialist 8 week Pet Gundog Puppy Class. This is basic puppy class with the addition of introducing pet gundog skills. Find out more about the benefits of doing pet gundog puppy training – check out this post. 

Based on positive-reward based training, our unique Focus First Training Methods take you and your pup on an exciting journey. This unique method emphasises the importance of focus, around distractions.

WEEK 4 Reward

We know how hard it is training a puppy and finding time to put the work in each week. We also know it’s expensive, buying all the kit, so on week 4 we have a gift for you.

Your own, Puppy Training Bag, along with some small gifts for you and your pup.

Motivators are such a big key to getting your puppy coming back to you in the park. We discuss with you, how to build your ‘Tool Kit’ and your puppy training bag is perfect for this task.

Puppy Training Class Award

Week 6 is another exciting week, where you get you certificate and rosette and join in some fun games, putting into action all that you and your pup have learned throughout the course.

Please feel free to arrange to come and watch a class.

More information about puppy training classes can be found below.

If you’re ready to book  your place, and get your training started TODAY, please use the button below.

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Pup Class Certificates

Advantages to Booking Early

When you book you get immediate access to the online, live, weekly sessions along with some starter videos. We are there to support all of those early days at home. You can get started, in the home with things like recall, lead training and making sure you avoid separation anxiety.

Book your Place

This is for pups under 6 months of age at the start of training.

A range of start dates are available.

If your dog is over 6 months please use this link here. 

Have a puppy pet gundog?

Join our specialist 8 week Pet Gundog Puppy Class. This is basic puppy class with the addition of introducing pet gundog skills. Find out more about the benefits of doing pet gundog puppy training – check out this post. 

Why Join Us?

With our guidance, your puppy will master the essentials of all the basics that you need for a full and happy life together. This includes recall, lead walking, sit, and stay, not jumping up, leave it and much more. You pup will gain an understanding that you are key to their well-being.

Your Puppy’s Path to Success

When you graduate from our course, you’re not just leaving with a well-trained puppy; you’re equipped for a lifetime of companionship. Every pup leaves with a unique training bag for, what we call, your Training Tool Kit.

Certification of Achievement

Complete the course and get pup’s first certificate and rosette. You can finish here, or you can continue to add to your rosettes and certificates, working your way up our Tree of Achievement.

Puppy training class

A Community of Support

Our classes go beyond training- join other puppy owners, share experiences, and support each other on our private facebook group.

Trust in Our Expertise

Led by me Sandra Lawton, founder of the academy, our team (check them out here) is committed to providing the highest standard of training.

You and your puppy are in the hands of professionals who are as passionate about your pup’s development as you are.

The Choice You Make Today…

The decision you make now about your puppy’s training will influence the life you share together.

Enroll Now – Spaces Are Limited!

Don’t wait to start this amazing adventure with your puppy. Enroll in The National Dog Training Academy’s puppy training program today and take the first step towards a happy, fun, life together.

Join us and experience the difference that a comprehensive, engaging, and effective puppy training program can make.

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A range of start dates available

The Results you can Expect

  • Good recall in the park
  • Understand what motivates your dog
  • Sit, when you ask, first time despite distractions
  • Focus with NO WORDS – Pup will choose to check in with you for all their wants/needs
  • Good lead walking – no restraining/no nagging
  • No jumping up
  • How to stimulate your dog without spending mega bucks on fancy toys
  • Lots of fun activities – mental stimulation is key to pup’s well-being

And so much more …..

Puppy Training Class

The nitty, gritty detail

  • 6 class sessions, once a week, at the same time and day each week
  • Each class session is one hour, all outdoors for the best training experience
  • Specific, guided homework tasks every week so you know what to work on
  • Full puppy eBook with lots of useful information for now and as your puppy grows
  • Weekly, individual attention in our live, online Q & A session, usually with Sandra
  • Full course, online, by professional video to remind you each week how to do the activities.

Join us Today

Click here to see all that you and your puppy will learn in puppy classes.

3 Steps to the Perfect Puppy

Step 1

  • Book your 6 week puppy training class
  • Access your pre class online training
  • Download your full puppy training eBook (free)
  • Access the weekly puppy training Q & A sessions

Step 2

  • Attend your weekly class
  • Use the online videos to support you each week
  • Use the support resources to work through your puppy training homework
  • Week by week watch your puppy respond to your commands and gain focus, despite distractions
  • Watch your puppy focus on you, even though his friends are in class
  • Watch your puppy learn to come back to you and not run off to play with his friends
  • Stand in awe as your puppy learns that walking beside you on the lead is the best
  • Progress your training every week in class

Step 3

  • Graduate from your 6 week puppy training
  • Gain your certificate, rosette and Training Bag
  • Keep training your puppy for life, using all the support resources available when you book your course.

Join us Today

Step 3 doesn’t have to be where it ends. 

Puppy Class Training

Step 4

Many people who come to puppy class have so much fun and love the quality of time it gives them with their pup, they stay on and do more classes.

We have a choice of Foundation training or our Pet Gundog Training.

Stay for as long as you like and Climb our Tree of Achievement.

tree of achievment 800


Book your 6 week Puppy Course

Hedge End 6 Week, Sunday, Puppy Training

£165.00 Inc. VAT
6 week outdoor, Sunday puppy training at Hedge End

Hedge End 6 Week Tuesday Eve Puppy Training

£165.00 Inc. VAT
6 week puppy training programme

Pet Gundog Puppy Class

£195.00 Inc. VAT
8 week Pet Gundog Class Training
Free puppy eBook

Download your FREE Puppy eBook

FREE Puppy eBook

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You will learn how to teach your pup .....

To check in with you as an offered behaviour – no ‘watch me’ command necessary
To sit when asked – no repetitive commands
To come back when called – despite distractions
To choose to walk alongside you on the lead
To understand the stay/wait command
To be comfortable with people and dogs and meet correctly
To be confident with a variety of new experiences
Not to jump up when meeting people (including you when you come home)
How to have fun with you and you will both learn lots of fun activities
A firm, life-saving 'Leave it' command
To down (lie down) when asked - no repetitive commands
And much more ..

What others have to say

Puppy training

I can’t thank you enough for the training… we have both loved it! And the techniques you have provided have really helped Cayo!

- Anna

This is all thanks to the amazing training you taught us, worth every penny and a lot more. We now have the most gorgeous, loyal family dog

- Ruth & Poppy

You and your team are wonderful and I will most certainly be keeping up everything that you and Sarah have taught me!

- Sue P

We wanted to say a special thank you to Tracey who has just been incredible with us as novice dog owners and also our two children, Oskar and Leo. Leo especially is very fond of Tracey and she’s helped his confidence with dogs so much and we will always be grateful to her.

- Amanda

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If you’re not sure if we are right for you, please do come along and watch a class. We are unable to do refunds as we can’t fill any empty places and you get full access to our online puppy training programme from day 1.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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