Dog Boot Camp

Dog Boot Camp

Who is it for?

This is as much for the owners as the dogs! We thought it would be rude to call it ‘owner boot camp!’ 😂

Sometimes people are embarrassed about their dog’s behaviour – trust me, you don’t need to be. Even as trainers, we all make mistakes with our dogs. None of our dogs are perfect.

Are you looking to strengthen your bond with your dog while enhancing their good behavior? Our one-day dog training workshop is tailored for dogs that are generally well-behaved but could benefit from a bit of fine-tuning. Or dogs that have one aspect of general behaviour that is not so good. Often this is lead walking or recall.

This workshop is ideal for those who aren’t facing aggression issues but seek support in refining their dog’s basic behaviors.

Small Groups – 4 dogs only

 Extensive Learning for Both You and Your Dog 

Gain invaluable insights into how your dog perceives the world. This knowledge will help you understand your dog and how to change behaviour you don’t want and teach behaviour you do want.

Practical Skills for Everyday Life:

We emphasise essential skills like focus, lead walking, and recall, ensuring these become second nature to your dog despite distractions.

Interactive Theory Sessions:

These sessions will show you how dogs learn and think, so you can effectively communicate and train your dog long after the workshop ends.

Mental Stimulation Mastery:

Keep your dog’s brain active with a variety of mental exercises and activities. Mental stimulation is key to keeping your dog’s brain motivated and engaged. Learn the art of mental stimulation that can prevent unwanted behaviors born from boredom. Short bursts of 10 – 15 minutes, engagement with you, is worth an hours walk in the park.

Friendly, Approachable, Professional Training

Friendly, approachable, sessions, finding the funny side of things that have happened and sending you home feeling positive and bouyant in the knowledge that you and your dog understand each other better.

Light-hearted, fun competitions throughout. Serious intent in a fun learning environment.

Next Course Dates

Thursday March 28th 2024

Thursday April 18th 2024

If you would like a 2 day option, please let us know and we will keep you informed

Secure your Place Today

Your dog needs to be comfortable in a small group. There will be ‘classroom time’ when your dog will need to rest by your feet, in a crate around his new friends or in your car parked within sight.

If you’re unsure just get in touch for a chat.


Intensive dog training

Unique Aspects of

Doggy Boot Camp

Personalised Attention:

Our experienced trainers are dedicated to providing individual advice and support, ensuring both you and your dog’s specific needs are met.

Intimate Group Experience:

With limited spots, (4 dogs only) our boot camp offers a close-knit environment conducive to learning and sharing experiences with fellow dog lovers.

Beyond Training – A Day of Joy:

Our boot camp is designed to be enjoyable, filled with activities that encourage laughter and fun. It’s not just about training—it’s about creating unforgettable memories with your dog.

Is this you?

  • Your recall isn’t as good as it was?
  • Lead walking could be improved?
  • Response to commands needs ‘hotting up?
  • Have a behaviour you’re not happy with?
  • Life gets in the way of your training?
  • Would love specific activities to do when you have time together with your dog?
  • Just want some quality time with your dog?

It’s Easy to Let our 3 Tents Slip

You need to be,

  • Consistent,
  • Insistent
  • Persistent

Our busy lives interfere with our good intentions. Sometimes the weather or even our health gets in the way too.

Hot it all UP

Do it Now

How much do you think your dog will love you, if you bring him/her along.

If you’re not local, there are plenty of dog friendly places to stay. You and your dog can spend the evening(s) exploring the beautiful walks in the New Forest or local beaches, putting in to practice everything you learn.

Dog Boot Camp

Intensive dog training 1 day

£250.00 Inc. VAT
Intensive 1 day dog training course

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