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Puppy Training Corona Update

Very small groups will now run at 2m apart. This does mean class times will differ from those noted below. Classes will be for one hour with no tea break. Arrival and departure will be managed, so please stay in your car until told where to go. To avoid handling and human contact, you will need your own long training line. You can buy these from us in advance. Just get in touch to arrange.

Until we see what happens at the next announcement of changes in June we can’t be certain of puppy class start dates.

However, we are getting very booked up already, so if you want a place in June you need to book a place. If you book we promise to find you a class in June. This will be a Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon. Booking is below.

On booking you will receive immediate access to a starter, online training module.

Book here for your 8 week programme in June.

Sunday 7th June and Saturday 13th June NOW FULL

Next planned date is Sunday 21st June



8 week courses include a weekly Q & A video session. All course materials are available online with supporting videos to help you through the weekly tasks.

See more photos from puppy class here

Outdoor, 8 week puppy training class programme

Our outdoor puppy training class gives you and your pup the best training for life.

We have trained over 3000 puppies and their owners. That’s one of the important bits. We train you, to train your puppy.

That’s why all staff are not only trained and experienced in training dogs but also in teaching people.

  • Get your pup to come back to you with the distraction of other pups
  • Teach your puppy to walk on the lead, calmly, despite distractions
  • Train your puppy to listen to you
  • Stand in awe as your pup learns if he wants or needs something, he simply has to ‘check in’ with you

Throughout the 8 week puppy training class, all the other important aspects, sit, stay, not jumping up, correct meet & greet, and fun activities are taught too.


Puppies large and small have a great time in class and so do their owners

Click here to see more pictures of our puppy training classes in Southampton.

Book your place today – on booking your puppy class place you will,

  • Get instant access to an introductory online training module teaching focus, sit and recall
  • A download of my full, 40+ page puppy eBook
  • Your puppy pack will arrive in the post to get you prepared for your classes

All this + your 8 week class programme for just £155 incl. VAT.

Be amazed by the changes in your puppy from week 1 to week 8.

At the end of the 8 week programme you leave with a certificate, rosette & party bag!

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found here.

Prices for all puppy training services and how puppy training may differ between schools can be found here.

Each week you are given tasks to work on and practice. Working on the things we have done in class in readiness for moving those tasks forward next week.

Every week you get a weekly puppy video call to get answers to all of your questions.

Online videos are available to support some of the tasks.

All course materials, for every session, are written up on our website so if you do have to miss a week you don’t miss out on tasks covered in that session.

The 8 week programme has been tested & amended by using our experience and expertise and listening to our customers. 8 years later we not only believe we have an excellent programme of training for you and your pup but our customers tell us we have too.

This doesn’t mean we have stopped learning. Customer feedback is taken very seriously and welcomed. Regular team meetings mean we discuss, amend and improve all the time. You, the customer are the most important piece of the business jigsaw.


  • To check in with you as an offered behaviour – no ‘watch me’ command necessary
  • To sit when asked – no repetitive commands
  • To come back when called – despite distractions
  • To choose to walk alongside you on the lead
  • To understand the stay/wait command
  • To be comfortable with people and dogs & meet correctly
  • To be confident with a variety of new experiences


  • How to focus and motivate your pup to do what you ask
  • How to provide mental stimulation
  • How to teach pup what you would like him to do
  • How to correct the wrong behaviour
  • How to health check your dog
  • How to build an amazing bond
  • And so much more …………………



What others have to say,

“Amazing, really can’t express how much my pup has changed, 8 weeks ago she was like a tornado, pulling on the lead and not really paying attention to any commands. 8 weeks on she has mastered lead walking, sit/stay, waiting, positive socialisation with other dogs and nearly mastered not jumping up at familiar faces.  I have had so many comments about her good behaviour which is lovely.” – Lucy & PJ

“Just wanted to say a big thank you and share this photo of Poppy and my youngest. You know what she was like as a puppy, the kids couldn’t play with her she was so rough and she picked on my daughter like she was the runt of the litter. I could never leave them in the garden together or she would chase them and push them over. Fast forward a year and I find them in the garden like this after watching my daughter do some training with Poppy who followed her every command, even on a walk when excited she does as my children tell her. This is all thanks to the amazing training you taught us, worth every penny and a lot more. We now have the most gorgeous, loyal family dog.” – Ruth & Poppy


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