Southampton Dog Training Team

Meet Sharon

Sharon says,

I’m Sharon – moved from Darlington to Hampshire in 2018 and started a full lifestyle change which included a change of career – love dogs and decided to do the Become a Dog Trainer course which introduced me to NDTA, loved it so much, I ended up working here.

I love all animals, the great outdoors, swimming, cricket and netball. My motto is from the great Yoda – do or do not, there is no try.

Sandra says,

When Sharon came to join us in the office, as well as being a dog trainer, I think she took one look and thought, ‘what have I walked in to.’ We are fantastic dog trainers, but we knew we had many gaps in our admin, accounting, sales and marketing. Sharon came in and like a new broom, swept us all up and put us on track.

A real asset to the team, with her many skills and vast experience in management. She didn’t come along a day to soon.

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Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.