Southampton Dog Training Team

Bobby - Dog Trainer

Hi, I’m Bobby.

I’m a very happy, cheerful person, married with two amazing New Zealand Huntaway dogs. I love animals and have spent many years in the milk industry. Over the past couple of years I decided it was time to make a change and start doing something I love. I enjoyed my previous job but being a dog trainer is amazing.

I have been a customer with The National Dog Training Academy for many years and love the classes so I decided to take the Train the Trainer programme. I carried out many hours of voluntary work, progressing my training and improving my teaching skills. Being a dog trainer is a much harder job than many imagine.

I’m now very happy doing something I love, spending time with great people, helping them to get the best out of their dog. I love being part of such a great team and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in the past few years, to the extent where I’m now trusted to train some of the newer members of staff.

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