Separation Anxiety Course

Home Alone Online Course – Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety

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Maybe you will to return to work in 2021. Prepare your dog for being home alone. Separation anxiety in a dog is one of the biggest causes of dogs ending up in rescue. It’s traumatic and heartbreaking for both owner and dog.

This course is as much about preventing separation anxiety as it is about treating it.Teaching your dog it’s OK to be home alone.

Help your Dog to be Happy Home Alone

There are different levels of separation anxiety. High level separation anxiety is rare, but if your dog has an extreme, high level separation anxiety already then you may also need to seek support from your vet and/or a local qualified dog behaviour counsellor.

This course will help you:

    • To prevent separation anxiety by planning and preparing
    • To be clear if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety
    • To treat mild separation anxiety by following the guidance given

The course will give you step by step procedures that you can follow, in a daily training programme. If your dog doesn’t have separation anxiety and you are just preparing for leaving your dog alone, then you will be able to reduce down the amount of time you need to spend on each step.

If your dog has separation anxiety you need to prepare for  a good 4 -6 weeks worth of training, following these progressive steps, before attempting to leave your dog alone.

There is no magic cure. As with all training it takes time and patience but it’s a great opportunity to spend time focusing on your dog and what your dog really needs.

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