Round the Marker Fun

Dog Training Round the Marker Activities

If you haven’t trained with us and already taught your dog to ‘go round’ an object, start here, using this video. We use cones but you can use anything – a garden chair is great. Teach your dog to go round different size things so they learn to do tight turns as well as wider circles. When you teach a new object, initially, reduce your expectations and start from the beginning.

Round the Marker Introduction

When your dog training, round the marker is going well – here are some ideas and challenges. As you will see in some of the videos, the ‘go round’ is the bending around an object and to make it exciting and fun your dog doesn’t always have to come back to you to get the reward.

Round a rabbit pen

You can make this more exciting by putting some fluffy toys or some rabbit balls in the pen.

Garden chairs in a row

See if your dog will go round a row of chairs – or does (s)he try to sneak back quicker by just going round one. You can get your dog to go around the chairs in a row, as the video, or long ways round too.


Be clear in your direction

Be clear with your dog about which chair you want them to go round. Line them up well. Send your dog in all sorts of directions. Create some figures of 8. Practice going left then right. Be sure to teach your dog to ‘go round’ in both directions using clear body language to support.



Tight turns

Tight turns around a pole – using a washing line. Hang items of distraction on poles. Be sure to have the right motivator for your dog to achieve this. If their normal food or biscuit treat works for an empty pole, do you need to up the anti with your motivator if there is a high value item hanging on the pole. Think about what excites your dog most.

More distraction


Use tennis balls, toys or food, whatever is your dog’s hottest value item. You can put items on chairs if you don’t happen to have  a cone in your garden.

Have fun with this activity. Use trees and bushes in parks. Use garden benches. Use people in your family.


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