Puppy Class Training FAQ's

Puppy Class Questions

Puppy Class Training Questions

Please see below for answers to questions that we frequently get asked about puppy training classes.

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Are classes just once a week?

Yes, puppy training class sessions are once a week at the same time every week. We have 6 puppy classes running each week either on a Saturday or Sunday and a Thursday evening in the spring and summer.

Classes are held in Hedge End, Cadnam and Chichester with new venues opening across Hampshire in the near future. The Hedge End classes move to Bursledon Brickworks, just 10 minutes up the road, in the winter, but you will be advised of this.

All classes are at a different stage in the 6 week programme so whichever class time you start on is the time you continue on for 6 weeks.

How long is each session?

Each session is an hour. You have a weekly group session on zoom for any questions and answers and lots of supporting videos to help you through the week.

Do I need to come to classes – my puppy is really good?

Classes are a great way to be sure you have your training in place around distractions. Sometimes, young pups can be very well-behaved, without even doing very much training. However, when adolescence hits, this can all fall apart, if you don’t ‘train’ your puppy effectively.

It also gives your pup the chance to meet other pups and be sure that meeting people and puppies is done correctly.

If you’re not happy about classes we have a one to one option and we even have an online option. You do need to do something to support your training.

All of the team, including Sandra, head of academy, take any new pup of our own to classes as it’s a great opportunity to reinforce all the training around distractions.

If you don’t train them well, suddenly the dog that always came back when you called, no longer listens to you. The dog that always sat when you asked starts ignoring you.

It’s so important to get this training in place at a young age, around all the distractions you will meet in life when out with your puppy. It’s never too late to train any dog but always easier if you start as you mean to go on.


What age can my pup start classes?

Pups need to be vaccinated to come to classes. The online training can be started at any age. If you book your place in class you get immediate access to some online training so you can get started straight away.

Some vets are happy for pups to come after their first jabs, some like them to have both. We suggest you chat this through with your vet. If training at Hedge End we are in a private field but at Fawley we use a public park area and in the winter we use the car park at Bursledon Brickworks.

Download the puppy eBook so you can get started on home issues such as toilet training and puppy biting, straight away.

What are the dates of puppy courses?

A new 6 week puppy course starts every 2 or 3 weeks. You can find class dates and times and book your place by clicking here.

Do get in touch if you can’t find the information you need or are unsure of anything.

How much are classes?

The total for our 6 week puppy programme is £165 incl. VAT. Book in and you will get instant access to some online training, login details to the Wednesday evening Q & A, and opportunity to download my full puppy eBook.

Do I need to book?

Yes, you do need to book a place. You can do this online or just let us know if this isn’t possible for you.

What if it’s raining – do you cancel?

Generally we don’t cancel or postpone classes if it’s raining. If it’s torrential downpour then we do your class online by zoom. It is very rare that this happens, despite the good old English weather.

Can I bring other members of my family or a friend to classes?

Yes, please do bring your family or friend. It’s vital that your puppy gets consistency so everyone who is involved in the care of your pup needs to be involved in the training.

Children are very welcome. We don’t put an age limit as children, like puppies are all very different. If your children are old enough to get involved in the training and won’t get cold or bored, then please do bring them along.

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