Puppy Online Plus

Puppy Online Plus Programme – 12 Places Only

Everything your get in the Puppy Online Programme

PLUS a Weekly, Live, Online Class

6 Week Step by Step Programme

Get started today with your videos – join online classes starting Thursday 18th March

Online Classes Starting March 18th, 6pm  – 12 Places Only

Also includes a one time 30 minute private zoom call with an instructor

Every Thursday at 6pm, for 6 weeks, from 18th March, you will get a group, online video session, with an instructor. The instructor will work you through the activities for that week, giving you clear guidance on how to do all of the activities, why they are all so important. You will get chance to practice each activity, with your pup, during the session.

Every session will give time for questions and answers about the course, the activities or any other puppy training questions you have. Only 12 places in the group.

Also included in your sign up

One, private 30 minute zoom session with an instructor. Just you and an instructor one to one, to answer your questions and support you in your training.

Puppy Online Plus 6 Week Programme £120

The first one starting February 6th

Just £120 for 6 weeks, instructor led online class and one private zoom call


Train your Puppy – start today with our unique training techniques

‘No nag, firm, kind, fair and effective puppy training’

  • The course is full of video explanations, PDF documents for each and every task.
  • Work your way through our unique and detailed training programme, step by step to get the perfect puppy.
  • Weekly Q & A sessions, every Wednesday, 6pm by video call
  • Learn everything we teach in our 8 week face to face programme
  • Puppy biting, toilet training is all covered, in detail, in the full version puppy eBook, included with the course.

Not training your puppy is not an option and it might just save your pups life, as it did for Zoe,

‘The training has already been worth its weight in gold. As we were heading back, there is a path up a hill. He took off but my daughter accidentally dropped the lead. He ran full pelt up the hill chasing towards people at the top where there is a road. I yelled ‘Deefer come’ and he immediately turned and charged full on back to me.

Had we not started this training today I am in no doubt whatsoever that he would have attempted to run home without us. It quite literally may have saved his life tonight.’ 

We all hope it won’t happen to us, but it might and we need to be prepared.

Be Prepared – Book your Place Today for our Instructor Led Online Puppy Training Programme


Start your own Profitable Dog Training School

Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.