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Whistle Training your Dog

13th May 2018

Whistle training your dog can be great value for those moments of distraction and to get a rapid response recall. What, not everyone realises, is that it’s not an easy fix for a failed or poor recall.

Your dog needs to be trained to recall to the whistle just like training a verbal recall. If your dog has been ignoring your recall for too long then training a whistle might just be the thing that saves his life. You need to train it well or you will just end up with a completely useless tool that your dog chooses to ignore when it suits him.

What whistle do you buy? There are so many whistles on the market and to some degree it’s about whatever suits you. You can train your dog to whatever whistle you buy. We love the Acme Gundog whistles because they are adaptable and you can train a number of different commands with them.

Teaching your dog to STOP to a whistle is an added bonus and gives you that further back up should things go wrong, which inevitably, when you have a dog, at some point they will.

Dogs are dogs, no matter how well trained they are and we should never be lulled into that false sense of security. We should know that we have a the tools we need to get our dog back to us when we need to despite any distractions that may suddenly appear.

For me, the ultimate in knowing my whistle is truly trained, is when my dog will STOP to the whistle or come back to the whistle despite a fast moving herd of deer.

You too can train your dog to respond to your whistle, if you just take your time to train it. Whistle training your dog can be great fun and so rewarding.

If you would like our recall whistle training sheet to help train your dog then you can find it  here.

If you need more help, you know where we are and we’re waiting to hear from you.

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