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Training your Recall in Dog Training

19th March 2015


Is your dog’s recall getting a bit ‘flaky’ when there are distractions around?

Don’t let it get any worse. Train your dog to want to come back to you. Start today.

Think about the following scenario

Monday morning, you’ve had a great weekend and you really don’t feel like going to work but you do.
Consequences you might loose your job, you will be letting other people down

Motivation you get paid, it will help keep your job secure

What motivation are you giving your dog to encourage him to come back to you? What consequences are there for him if he doesn’t? You telling him off when he does get back is simply telling him off for coming back to you. In your dog’s head, it is not a consequence of his previous behaviour.

Think about these two things but especially the motivators. What ‘floats your dog’s boat?’ Be the provider. Have fun in the park. Make yourself more exciting than those other distractions. This of course is just the starting point.

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