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Tick Awareness

2nd June 2016

Ticks seem to be a particular problem this year (2017). I can’t ever remember having to remove so many from my dog.

By far, the best solution I’ve come across is using a tick collar – available from your vet. As with everything though one solution won’t suit all and any form of prevention won’t kill off all the parasites harmful to you and/or your dog.

There are so many ‘strange’ methods on the internet and some quite dangerous ideas of how to remove a tick. There is also a huge hype about what happens if you leave the mouth part in when removing the tick. My reaction is just to get the thing off as quickly as possible.

I searched far and wide for a suitable article to help us all help us keep ‘calm’ around ticks (not that I would be if one latched on to me!), and this was the article I felt was worth passing on.

As with everything medical, if in doubt or unsure, consult your vet.

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