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Owning a pup or dog. What you need to know

23rd May 2014

It occurs to me every day, how I take for granted some of my knowledge about dogs. Someone telephoned me this week and after a brief discussion about the behaviour of her 15 month old dog, I was able to reassure her it was all normal for a dog that had not been trained.

This lady said, ‘Really. I thought he had a mental [health] problem.’ And she was very relieved to hear with the right training her dogs behaviour could be changed.

Somebody once came to me with a very lively, out of control 6 month old lab, stating, ‘I know he will be ok when he grows up. I’ve seen how good the guide dogs are.’

This lady truly believed her dog would just ‘grow up’ to be well behaved with no idea of how much training goes in to a guide dog.

I sometimes smile and stand in complete wonderment at people’s understanding but then I remember, I haven’t always been a dog trainer and didn’t I have beliefs that would have made dog trainers smile.

Dogs are all different. Some are easier than others but the bottom line is, your dog will need training. Training takes time and effort and can be exhausting in the early days.

Before you get a dog or puppy think hard about how much time you have. Are you really prepared for what it takes.

If you already have a dog or pup that is bringing you to tears, don’t leave it any longer, seek some help to change your dogs behaviour before he becomes another rescue statistic.

More work is needed on raising awareness of how hard it is to own a puppy or a dog. There is very little information out there to help people but don’t be afraid to contact your local dog training school and seek advice before going ahead and buying a pup or owning a dog.

All of us in the dog training industry are keen to reduce the number of rescue dogs and are only too happy to answer any questions you have.

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