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Dog Training for Bonfire Night

1st November 2015


Dog training in readiness for bonfire night might help your dog to cope.

Keeping our dogs safe and comfortable at this time of year can be a challenge. Some dogs are more sensitive to loud noises and bangs. Here are a few tips which will help you and your dog over the firework period.

Good Ideas

• Walk your dog(s) during daylight hours to avoid him having to go out during fireworks.
• Feed your dog before dark, as he may be too anxious to eat later in the evening.
• Make a comfortable den for your dog to go to if he becomes scared. If he chooses to hide under the bed or furniture then just leave him to come out when he feels comfortable.
• Have your curtains and windows closed and keep cat flaps blocked off to avoid smaller dogs (and cats) escaping, keeping your dog safely inside.
• Turn on the TV or radio to distract your dog from the outside noises.
• Find out when displays are going on near you, so you can be prepared.
• Keep your dogs collar and tag on so that if he does escape then it will be easier for anyone to return him to you as quickly as possible. Your dog should be microchipped but if you’ve missed it, get it done now.
• Remember to treat your dog when he is calm. Stay happy and cheerful. Play with him if he wants to, but do not force him to play.
• Try to behave as normal as you can, as dogs will pick up on unusual behaviour.
• Try to desensitise your dog to firework noise by using CD’s available online.
• It might be worth trying a pheromone spray or diffuser such as Adaptil to help calm your dog.

Be Careful Not To….

• Leave out sweets and chocolates where your dog can reach them on Halloween.
• Expect your dog to understand that it is you in that Halloween costume. He may not recognise you and become anxious. If you are expecting Trick or Treaters then it would be best to put your dog in another room if you go to the door.
• If your dog is a gundog breed don’t assume he will be comfortable with loud bangs. Some gundogs can be gun shy.
• Tell your dog off or make a fuss of him if he becomes fearful, as this will only increase his distress.

If you need any more guidance on what to do to help your dog through firework night let us know. Get in touch,

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