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Extendable Leads

12th October 2011

Extendable Leads

I’m sure there are people out there, not least the manufacturers who would like to slaughter me for the following comment.

Sales of Extendable Leads should be banned!

Firstly, let’s deal with how dangerous they can be. How many times have you seen a dog owner wandering down the road and with a dog on an extendable lead and the dog suddenly runs out into the road. Sometimes this is because the owner just feels this is an ok thing to do – after all his dog is on a lead – and sometimes this is because owners reactions are just too slow to prevent such a process.

I would be very interested to know how many people out there have used an extendable lead and it has broken – usually just at a vital point in time, either for your dogs safety or for the safety of other people around you.

Let’s face it, if you have your dog on a lead it is usually because it is necessary to keep your dog safe or to keep other dogs or people safe from your dog. Can you really afford to have a dog on a lead that you have no firm control over or that might break just when you need it most.

I appreciate sometimes dogs need to be kept on a lead and they still need some freedom in order to enjoy life and get the exercise they require. In that case why not put them on a proper, made for the job, long training lead?

This brings me to my next point which is, if you use a long training lead, you won’t be tempted to use it to wander down the road but will keep it’s use to the park or other areas where it is actually safe for your dog to be wandering away from you.

Moving on from the danger aspect of extendable leads, how does anyone expect their dog to learn to walk on a lead without pulling. One moment the dog has 3 foot of lead, the next moment 5 foot of lead, then back to 4 foot. What do dogs need most in any training exercise? Consistency!

So, in conclusion, please, please throw those extendable leads away. If possible attend a training class or seek some help to train your dog so he can be allowed off the lead to enjoy his exercise or if, for safety reasons, he needs to be kept on a lead at all times then use a secure training lead for the purpose.

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