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Dog Training on a Wet, Cold Day

21st November 2018

At dog training classes in Southampton we teach lots of fun things to do with your dog. Mental stimulation is just as important for your dog as getting out and about outside for exercise.

Winter looks like it has arrived. It’s cold, wet, dark. Maybe we get a virus or a bug & we just can’t get our dogs out like we do in the better weather. So here’s a few things you can do with your dog indoors.

If you can find the time, not feeding your dog in a bowl but getting him/her to earn food is a great way of keeping their head busy.. But, my dog’s on raw/wet food I here you cry – you can still do it! I’m not suggesting you do anything I haven’t done.

Dog Training Activities

  • Use kongs for some of their meal. Kongs don’t have to be all about treats
  • Teach some leg weaving
  • Teach your dog to roll over – can (s)he roll over in tandem with you?
  • Use cups or beakers to hid their food under – get them to search for it
  • Teach spins & twists – remember to do both ways – your dog will naturally find one way easier than the other
  • Putting feet on washing up bowls or old, empty Christmas chocolate tins
  • Teach a crawl
  • Do some basic training – work on your sit stay – build it up so you can walk around the house
  • Teach ’round’ – anyone in classes will know what we mean – you can teach your dog to go ’round’ anything – see the video here
  • If you’re in class you know how to use your scenting cloths – hide them around the house
  • Teach right paw, left paw by putting treats on your dog’s paws (train one side at a time)
  • If you’re really feeling under the weather do a few minutes with your dog while you wait for the kettle to boil

If you want any help with any of this get in touch. Any ideas you want to share just let me know. If you want to send us pics or videos of your activities with your dog we’d love to see them.


Blog post by Sandra Lawton – MSc – Head of Academy

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