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Does your dog STOP to command

11th November 2017

Teaching your dog to STOP immediately when you ask could save your dog’s life. Here are just two dogs who are so grateful their owners trained them to do as they ask and even more grateful that their owners taught them to STOP to command.

Even the most reliable dog can ‘forget themselves’ and respond to their natural instinct, when something catches their eye. That is exactly what happened with these two, well trained, happy dogs. The unexpected can happen to any of us, any time & we need to be prepared. 

Rufus here has an older sister Molly. Molly never runs out of the house but for some reason one day recently she did, heading rapidly for a very busy road, with her owner panicking, hot on her heels, trying to call her back.

Her owner, Linda, tells me she could hear my trainers, Karen and Tracey in her head, saying, ‘use your STOP command!’ Thank goodness, because ‘STOP’ brought Molly to a STOP immediately. On the edge of the road, Molly STOPPED, sat and waited for her, now very shaken owner, to collect her. Rufus is so grateful. He loves his big sister Molly and would be lost without her.

Teach your dog a STOP command, start to day. This is why it is one of the commands we start to get instilled as early on as puppy class. It could be the most important command you ever teach your dog.

It can happen to any of us as Eugene found out one day with Rosie. Again, an accidental open door and a one off instinct bolt. When this happened to Rosie her owner went initially into panic as we all do at times like this but had the presence of mind to think about his and Rosie’s training.

He shouted his STOP command, loudly & firmly. Rosie, currently heading for a road, STOPPED on the spot, sat and waited for her owner to collect her.

I could be writing a very different story today.

It can happen to any of us but with strong training instinct instilled in both us and our dogs we might just be able to save their lives and even prevent an accident where others could be hurt too.

Teach your STOP command, don’t wait, start today. If you need help, let me know.

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