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4th July 2015


So summer has finally arrived …….

The PDSA have recently brought out a report about how many dogs are not getting exercise, training and socialisation and the impact of this on their behaviour.

That is obviously true but let’s not forget that all important ‘brain activity’ for our dogs. This hot weather makes it more difficult for getting out dogs out for their usual exercise on or off the lead but there is so much we can do to tire our dogs out, in the home, in the cool.

Why not decide to make your dog ‘work’ for at least one of their meals today?

Get your dog to give you some rapid response sits and downs. In return he gets some food.

Teach your dog to ‘touch’ your hand with his nose, by holding a piece of food or treat in between your thumb and index finger. When he touches your hand you release the food. Move this on to touching a flannel, toy, piece of material.

Once your dog is good at this you can hide it under chairs, around the house and send him to find it.

Teach your dog to roll over or if he does this already add it in to a little routine of sit, down, roll over.

Use kongs, hide their food around the house …. all of this can be done whatever type of food you feed.

Whatever you do, think of ways to work your dog’s brain. You know what they say … ‘A tired dog is a happy dog is a well behaved dog.’

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