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Bloat or Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus

20th February 2014

We are putting these few notes here to raise awareness of this absolute medical emergency that can occur in dogs but particularly deep chested dogs. This is a layman’s view – so consult your vet for more details. There is a link at the end of this article to a web site with more information.

From personal experience and from the views of others who have experienced this don’t believe your dog is going to act noticeably unwell or being hunched up in pain. In my experience, my dog having noticeable signs of being unwell were not until it was almost too late.

Act immediately if you are in any doubt. One of the symptoms that almost everyone I have spoken to has witnessed is non productive retching or retching producing bile and in some cases trying to defecate with no production.

Your dogs abdomen will probably look noticeable swollen and hard and your dog will, at this stage probably be restless. I say probably to these things as you just need to act if you have any suspicions of this condition at all. Don’t wait to see if these things develop.

For me, the first signs anything was wrong with my dog was her not eating all her dinner (totally unheard of). Within 15 minutes she was retching, just a couple of times, but with no other signs. Very quickly after that her stomach started to swell and she was salivating and becoming very unwell. She was in the vets within an hour of these second symptoms but already her stomach had twisted and done long term damage to her spleen with it having to be removed.

Thinking back, she may have been a bit restless prior to this, but dinner was late being served and I presumed she was just reminding me. Maybe dinner being late was a contributory factor. Who knows. There are no absolute defined causes and we have always been very careful to avoid the aspects thought to contribute to this.

All you can do is familiarise yourself with the symptons & act immediately. You have no time to spare.

Make sure you have your vets emergency number handy, call them to let them know you are on your way and get your dog there fast.

So many people are unaware of this condition. Please spread the word and maybe help to save a dogs life and a handlers heartache.

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