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Pet gundog training – what’s it all about?

23rd August 2018

pet gundog training

Pet gundog training will train your dog to work with you, retrieve when you say, hunt (search for things – no more lost tennis balls) when you say. Pet gundog training will help keep your dog under control when you are out walking. If you have a gundog breed as a pet, teaching it to ‘work’, that is, retrieve balls, dummies & hunt for lots items, he/she will want to stay with you when you are out walking.

You have a distraction from chasing the wildlife. You are the provider of what your dog wants to do most.

Keeping our dogs under control when we are out can be more difficult when we have strong breeds with strong instincts to work but nurturing that instinct and teaching your dog to work with you, under your guidance will help your dog want to be with you.

You should interact with your dog when you are out, regardless of breed, age or instinct. Every dog loves to play & work with it’s owner. It makes me sad when I see dogs in the park, their owner on their telephone & both ignoring each other.

Find about our pet gundog classes. Not local? Check on google for pet gundog classes close to you. Lots of us run them.

Maybe you are interested in training your gundog for the shooting world.

You got a dog to have fun and share your life. So do just that when you are in the park. If you have pet dog that happens to be from working stock or just happens to be a gundog breed then allow him/her to use that amazing instinct. Be the person in the park that everyone stops to watch.

Pet gundog training will also teach your dog whistle work. A whistle is an amazing tool for recall & getting that emergency STOP.

All great things to teach your pet dog. Many of us run pet gundog classes but don’t be afraid to enquire about classes with any gundog trainer that runs classes. A gundog needs excellent basic training. All of this can be gained from a good gundog trainer. Just make sure they use kind & fair methods – many do. And it’s certainly how I got my dog under control from being an unruly pup I couldn’t control. I went to several gundog trainers locally & had a great time. If you read my story you’ll see that unruly pup was why I became a dog trainer.

Don’t let the word ‘gun’ put you off gundog training. Nobody is going to insist you go on a shoot & you can train your dog with canvas dummies or even a ball.

Have fun with your dog.

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