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How do I toilet train/house train my puppy?

4th October 2018

How do I toilet train/house train my puppy?

House train or toilet training your puppy is one of the most important puppy training tasks in those early days at home. House or toilet training your puppy (or any age dog for that matter, if you’ve taken on a rescue), is a simple process if you do it right & are consistent with your puppy training.

In our puppy training classes in Southampton, it is a commonly asked question.

A puppy that wees in the house constantly creates a health hazard as well as the unpleasant and tiring aspect of having to clean it up.

Should you use puppy pads? NO! Please, please don’t teach your puppy to wee in the house. Why would you want to do that? Maybe puppy pads have a place as an emergency toilet area in pups crate but that’s it.

Dogs & puppies are very happy to live in our world & do the things that suit us as humans but they do need to be taught & trained what those things are. Going to the toilet in the garden is no different. Puppy needs to be taught this is what you want him/her to do.

You need to be prepared to make the commitment of going out into the garden, regardless of the weather, in order to successfully house train pup. Dogs & puppies learn by patterns & habits. This is the time to create your toilet area in the garden too.

So here’s how we toilet train our puppy.

1. Choose your ‘toilet’ spot in the gardenteach puppy to toilet in the garden
2. Take pup out to the spot every hour where possible as well as the         following times:
 After eating/drinking
 After play
 When excited
 Immediately on waking
3. Monitor your pup – look for the signs that they need to wee.
4. Don’t react if accidents occur in the house, simply remove pup, clean it up and deodorise the spot.

5. When in the act of urinating or defecating, use a word that you would like to become the command for this act.
6. When pup has finished, praise and reward immediately. You need to be on the spot.

It is no good waiting indoors and rewarding pup when he gets back in.

7. If pup doesn’t go, after a short while, when you take him out bring him back in, but don’t allow him to have free run of the house. Confine him, in a crate if you are using one and try again 5 or 10 minutes later. Repeat until pup toilets in the garden.

You need to create the habit in your dog’s head. When I need a wee or a poo I go outside in the garden.

Puppy needs to learn that outside is where it should happen so try not to allow any accidents in the house by following the above. Don’t expect pup to understand he should go to toilet outside even if the door is open.
Not all dogs will learn at the same speed so be patient but if you follow the guidelines above pup should be starting to get the idea within a few days.

Keep up the training at this time. Don’t think the job is done. Your pup needs support with this for some time to come and it will be a while before he learns to ‘ask’ to go out.

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