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30th November 2018

Dog training classes & puppy training classes are not just about teaching people how to train their dog or puppy. If people have a dog or puppy for the first time, things like finding the right diet, how to look after your puppy can become a bit of a minefield.

In puppy training classes and our Fresh Start dog training classes we try to support this aspect of owning a dog but we are not professionally qualified to give too much guidance on this. Following our attendance at a study day on dog nutrition & health Karen has drawn up a diagram that gives you basic information about your dog’s nutritional requirements.

Dog Foods – what to give your dog?

There are all sorts of foods on the market. Everyone you speak to will have a different view. Raw feeding is high on the list but not everyone can accommodate this. Dried kibbles are plentiful, but which one should you choose? Some people choose to cook for their dog, balancing their diet themselves. Not something I could do. You do need to be sure to give your dog all the nutritional elements in the correct quantities.

You also need to be sure not to under feed or over feed your dog. Kibble feeds give you a guide on the packaging but this is just a guide remember. You can buy raw food ready packaged for the daily requirement of your dog.

Some brands of kibble are better than others. Some brands even use human grade food in the manufacturing process. If you have a kibble that has lots of colour in it, chances are it has lots of rubbish in it.

Which have a guide that you may find useful. The Best Dog Food site will give you more detailed information about labeling and so on.

The PFMA have lots of information & guides, not just about food but also about weight including their pet sizometer which is also available on the wall in our Customer Care Cabin.

The picture will give you a guide as to what all the different nutritional elements provide for your dog.




Read the packaging. Do some research online but make sure the sites you are using are respected & accurate.




Does your dog look healthy?

If you’re unsure if your dog is on the right diet a good guide is to what’s coming out the other end. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ Your dog’s poo should be firm enough to pick up.

Does your dog look & seem healthy. Is his/her coat in good condition. Does (s)he maintain good health.

Remember if you do change your dog’s diet you need to do it slowly over a 4 or 5 days, gradually increasing the amount of the new food.

I hope this helps a little but do remember if your dog appears unwell in any manner or form, if their poo is not looking healthy always seek advice from your vet in the first instance.

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