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Becoming a Dog Trainer

4th November 2018

Becoming a dog trainer is getting more & more popular. It can be very confusing when you start looking into how to become a dog trainer. There is no government set qualification. If you want to be come a nurse, a doctor, an accountant and so on there are set procedures & qualifications to follow. Becoming a dog trainer does not have a clear pathway.becoming a dog trainer

One thing is certain sure. You need to do not only theory training but practical training if you want to become a dog trainer. Dog training is very much about teaching people so you need to be sure you want to work with people as well as dogs.

There are several of us now doing Train the Trainer courses for people who want to become a dog trainer. You need to take a look at what is on offer & decide what is the best fit for you. You also need to decide what you want to do with your training. Do you want to work for someone else? Do you want to run your own business?

Personally I don’t like any training that means you run sessions indoors. Dogs are far more relaxed when they are out in the open & training outdoors gets dogs prepared for the park too. dog training lead walking

Before making any decisions I would go along and visit several different dog training classes in your area. Decide what sort of training you want to offer, indoor, outdoor, set programme, rolling programme and so on.

Get in touch with those of us that provide courses, Have a list of questions for us. If you are close enough or can find the time, pop along and visit us. Come & see what it’s all about. Talk to our team members. Those who have already completed our courses to become dog trainers.

If you think I can help in anyway, give me a call, T. 07714 769260 or whizz me an email. 

I can certainly recommend being a dog trainer as a great way of life. Live to work (as well as play) but don’t work to live.


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