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Become a pet gundog trainer with the unique

NDTA gradings of 1 to 3 in pet gundog work.

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Rolo Pheasant Retrieve

Truffle Hunting for Students

This course will give you a 4 week lesson plan – easily extendable if you prefer.

It will teach you all you need to know about scentwork for dogs so you will be able to run a range of scent work classes following this.

You will get a very structured programme to run Truffle Hunting for Fun (although the process is the real Truffle Hunting process).

The course structure comes from our training with Andrea Misto a Truffle Hunter in Tuscany.

It’s a great money earner and is a way of offering something unique, that makes you stand out in your local area.

Date is July 23rd, in Hedge End, 1 day.

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Truffle Hunting

Scent work for Instructors

£155.00 Inc. VAT
Introduction to scent work

Level 2 Pet Gundog/Fun Agility Training Day

£180.00 Inc. VAT
Pet gundog and fun agility training day. March 18th 2022.

Student Truffle Hunting

£150.00 Inc. VAT
Student Truffle Hunting 23rd July

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