How much does Puppy Training Cost?

How much does Puppy Training Cost

How much does puppy training cost is really important so you will find our prices for puppy training services below. Also is some information about the difference you might find in puppy training and what might be important when making your decision.

I would always suggest you go along and take a look at a couple of different puppy classes. See for yourself, chat to people who are already in the class as customers. Let me know if you would like to come along to watch our classes.

When looking for training for your puppy it can be very difficult to decide where to go. There are so many people now running puppy classes and such an array of prices and availability.

Why is that? Should you just go to the most local, the most convenient or the cheapest?

Is the Instructor(s) Qualified and Up to Date

The first thing you should always check is what qualifications and training the instructor has. You need to check how recent these qualifications are. Have they been updated in the last few years. Dog training, like other industries changes all the time. There is no regulation whatsoever in the dog training industry. Nobody has any obligation to undertake training to become a dog training instructor.

What Methods are being used

Positive reward based training is, for the last 20 + years, thought to be the best way to train our dogs and pups. Anyone not using this as a basis for training has not kept up to date with changes.

Positive reward based training has also gone awry. It has been wrongly translated leading to overrun rescue centres  as people re-home dogs they have no control over. Make sure the trainer you use is properly trained in this method.

Indoor or Outdoor

Our price for puppy classes is £155 incl. VAT for an 8 week outdoor programme. (As much as we hate VAT, we also like to think it shows we are a successful, long-standing & reputable business). Our class programme is all outdoor training. We believe it’s the only way to achieve training that will get you through those adolescence months ahead and bring you out the other side with a well-behaved dog.

A lot of classes train only indoors. Dogs and puppies cue in their environment when training. So if you teach your dog to sit on your lovely lounge carpet he/she won’t understand that ‘SIT’ means wherever you are not just on the lounge carpet. That’s why it’s so important to teach & practice all our commands, but especially recall, outside around lots of distractions.

dog training lead walkingLead walking is so hard. It takes so much work. Practicing right from the start, outside, around other pups helps your dog to understand the need to be by your side whatever is going on, wherever you are.

Basic commands can be taught well indoors but if you don’t teach puppy the meaning of these commands outdoors, around distractions, especially as pup gets older he/she will start to ignore you.

Indoor training often means you are sitting on chairs. We all know what happens when people sit on chairs. We all start talking to each other and your puppies start jumping all over each other.

Outdoor group training will teach pup self-control around other people and dogs. When you meet people on your walks you don’t want a puppy that jumps all over people and/or their dog. You want a dog that will sit quietly while you chat. Playing when the time is appropriate. We teach you how to teach your dog to sit without having to ask.

Progressive training v rolling programme

A progressive training programme, set for a certain number of weeks, means you will progress the basic, vital training. Each week you will see improvement and progress in the commands you need for day to day life. You will also be given set tasks to achieve each week.

Our 8 week programme has been devised to ensure you also get opportunity to learn fun activities to do with your pup but also learn, what could be a life-saving, STOP command. Confidence building is also a key throughout. Nervous pups need to learn to come out of their shell. Confident pups need to have challenges and learn new skills.

A rolling puppy training programme means you and your pup can join at any time and new pups will join weekly. It also means you will probably go over the same activities every week as new puppies join in.

Find out which sort of programme is being run.

One to One Training

If you are able to get to classes we firmly believe this is the best way but sometimes people just can’t make it to classes or classes are not appropriate for you. Our 4 session one to one training converts our 8 week puppy programme to an individualised training at our field. The total cost for this is £295 incl. VAT.

If you want the training to take place at your home then the cost is £395 incl. VAT and we strongly recommend that you do some of the training in a local park with your instructor.

Again, should you just chose the cheapest? How do you decide?

Check the trainers qualifications. Check the trainers experience. Check the methods used.

Does the instructor also run classes. If not, why not? Has this limited their own learning experience?

For my trainee instructors classes are the place where they learn the most.

Classes teach us so much. It’s also how we gain enough experience to evaluate our training methods and activities and to know if they are working the best they possibly can.

Take a look at what’s on offer. Don’t just opt for the closest, cheapest or most convenient. Go and take a look, chat to the instructors. Get a feel for the place. Want to come and watch one of our classes?

Great, let’s get that sorted now.



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