Our way of dog training is different.

We offer outdoor training in Hedge End, in a fun way, building on focus and motivation, so your dog will choose to ‘be good’ because it works well for him/her.

Our reputation has been built on our results. We aim to make training your dog fun and something you look forward too. Many people have commented that our style of training is ‘like a breath of fresh air.’

The service we offer holds a guarantee that you will have the information and understanding you need to train your dog.

Tracey tummy tickle dog

Hedge End – Lower Grove Farm SO30 4BG


Training courses available in Hedge End

Hedge End Thursday Evening,6.30pm Puppy Class – 6 Weeks

£165.00 Inc. VAT
6 week Thursday evening puppy course

Foundation Class Training Hedge End

£175.00 Inc. VAT
Foundation Dog Training Class

Dog Training Meet and Greet

£19.99 Inc. VAT
Dog Training Meet and Greet 30 minutes - money back on next booking

Dog Training

Dog training with us is not only effective but great fun too. It’s positive for both you and your dog.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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