2 Day – Intensive Training – you and your dog

A two day intensive training programme for YOU and YOUR dog. 

By request we have developed a two day intensive training programme for you and your dog.

Away from all the usual day to day distractions we all have. Spend two days completely focused on your dog.

Several people have attended my Train the Trainer programme because they want to understand their own dog better not because they want to become a dog trainer. One of these people said to me, ‘I would love to do a course where I can train with my dog.’

Not rocket science – no idea why it took me so long to follow the suggestion through. Since I did I’ve been inundated with people wanting to do such a course. 

So here it is! The course for YOU and YOUR DOG.

A chance to come together in unity. Do it today, book your place NOW. 



Your training doesn’t just end after 2 days. You will leave with a good follow up training plan and if you want us to hold you to account on it we will! 

                                        Think how short your dog’s life is – why would you wait any longer. 

Best Dog Trainer Biz Awards

4 x Award Winning Biz

It’s thinking outside of the box that won us the award of

The Best Canine Behaviour Trainers 2018. 

Only 4 places on each course so we can give you and your dog real, quality time.  

       April 23rd & 24th – Just 4 Places 

May 24th & 25th – Just 4 Places

  June 10th & 11th – Just 4 Places

£249 incl. VAT  – Dog friendly accommodation can be arranged for you at additional cost – (you just pay the accommodation cost, we don’t charge for organising it for you.)

  • Understand your dog better
  • Teach your dog to understand you better
  • Hot up your basics and learn some new challenge
  • Two days of fun and learning with your beloved furry friend.

A well-trained, tired, stimulated dog is a happy dog! A happy dog is a good dog.

Make your dog happy & good today – book now before you miss out.


Dogs must be sociable and happy in a group of dogs and people. This is not a course for changing challenging behaviour such as barking at other dogs or people or any form of aggression. If you’re unsure if your dog is suitable get in touch for a chat.

Still not sure, listen to Luna and Jake,

‘Luna is all the better for the time we spent training her under your expert supervision – thank you for your time and endless encouragement!’

A lovely comment from Abby,

‘I really can’t rate you guys more thank you so much.’

A comment received when Abby realised we don’t just run training courses, classes but we totally commit to you. 

This course won’t be the last you here from us. You will leave with a proper training plan to make sure you continue everything you have learned. 


If you’ve ever done training with me before you may have come across my Planet Luna activity. Imagine being abducted by aliens – you’ve no idea what to expect, what they want you to do. You’ve no idea from their weird noises if they are happy with you, cross with you or even like you. That’s how our dogs feel when we bring them into our alien world. Dog’s are not ‘naughty’ they are just dogs and we need to learn to speak their language and teach them how to understand ours.

Do it today – Why would you not? Book a place NOW.

Just 4 spaces available.


Maybe something used to work well, but it’s not working now. Maybe you just want to hot up those basic commands and learn some new fun things.


Two whole days, with your dog, uninterrupted learning, understanding how to get successful training. The 2 days will be spent looking at the basics, reinforcing that training for a solid foundation. You will also learn new skills and activities for fun.

Everyone knows you can’t build anything on a rocky foundation. Get the best out of your dog.

You will leave, after the 2 days with a good follow on programme. Understanding how to teach your dog the things you’d like him/her to do.

Your dog will need to be able to settle in a well-ventilated car (secure, in sight of you) or in a crate. There will be periods of time during the 2 days when your dog will need time out and you will need time to concentrate on the theory.

Fill in the box to get the programme or get in touch if you want to chat about it and find out more.

Just 4 places available

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Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.