Happy Dog Training Programme

A dog training programme dedicated to you and your dog

You can join a multi-Award winning team for 1 day, or 2 days, of fun and learning with your pooch

This course will help you to understand your dog better, improve your training techniques and develop a better trained, happier dog.

Just 4 dogs with 2 instructors on every course. Learn the things you want to learn. Learn how to teach your dog the things you want to teach him or her. 

We like to refer to our training methods as ‘no nag.’ All positive reward based training but without having to issue constant commands. Our dogs just know what they should be doing because we’ve taught them well. Kindly and effectively.

This is what Lynne had to say,

‘I would love to come to weekly training but its simply too far away so the 2 day intensive training was perfect for me and Chloe.  We covered everything within her limits but I am hoping as she develops there is an intermediate 2 day event that I can bring her back to, in order to develop further skills and training for both of us.  It is great that you limit the numbers because the service is so personal.  Its a brilliant idea that I have never seen offered anywhere else.  I do hope you develop it further as I look forward to coming back again, Regards, Lynne’

This short video helps to explain further what it’s all about and why it might just be the course for you and your dog. The video talks about the 2 day programme but we are now offering a 1 day option too. If you really want quality, dedicated time there is even a one to one option.


If you have something you can’t resolve with your dog WE WILL find a way.

Just 4 places with 2 instructors on each course

Me and my team are friendly and have been highly awarded for the work we have done and continue to do for people and their dogs.

Voted Best of 3 Southampton for last 4 years 2017-2020

Voted Best Dog & Puppy Trainers 2019.

Voted Best Dog Behaviour Trainers UK 2018.

Join us for a chance to come together in unity with your dog.

It’s not over when it’s over either. You leave with a training programme, knowing how to achieve your goals and you get continued support through follow on group video calls.

Interested in finding out more? Just get in touch. 


Still not sure if we are right for you? Listen to what Jackie has to say.

Why choose us?

My team have won 6 Awards over the past 2 years. Most recently the Awards of

Best Dog and Puppy Trainers in Southampton 2019

Best of 3 Dog Trainers in 2020


Best Dog Trainer Biz Awards7 x Award winners including Best Dog & Puppy Trainers in Southampton 2019

We care and our support is unrivalled.

Best Canine Behaviour Trainers UK 2018

Three of the Best in Southampton 2017, 2018, 19 and 2020

We only accept 4 places on each course so we can give you and your dog  quality, dedicated time and attention to achieve the things that are important to you.

If you have something you can’t resolve with your dog I WILL  find a way.

Get in touch today.

The package

2 day £249 incl. VAT

1 day £144 incl. VAT

Dog friendly accommodation can be arranged for you at additional cost – (you just pay the accommodation cost, we don’t charge for organising it for you.)

  • Understand your dog better – Understand how dog’s learn 
  • Teach your dog to do the things you want him/her to do – no nag, positive, training methods
  • Fine tune your basics and learn some new challenges
  • Two days of fun and learning with your beloved furry friend.

Sometimes it’s just a reminder that we all need to get our training back on track. 

A well-trained, tired and stimulated dog is a happy dog!

A happy dog is a good dog.

***Dogs must be sociable and happy in a group of dogs and people. This is not a course for changing challenging behaviour such as barking at other dogs or people or any form of aggression. If you’re unsure if your dog is suitable get in touch for a chat****

Our happy customers

‘Luna is all the better for the time we spent training her under your expert supervision – thank you for your time and endless encouragement!’

‘I really can’t rate you guys more thank you so much.’

‘I can’t thank you enough for the training… we have both loved it! And the techniques you have provided have really helped Cayo!’


                 Just 4 places, don’t miss your opportunity.                         

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Start your own Profitable Dog Training School

Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.