Foundation Level Class

Training to the Next Level

Enhancing focus with new skills

Foundation level class will develop and enhance everything that your dog learned in the puppy or back to basics course.

You can start anytime within 4 weeks of completing your puppy or back to basics course.

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You and your dog will progress your good behaviour towards Bronze level, gaining a minimum of Foundation Level, and learn new, fun skills. This will help with focus and provide good mental stimulation as you continue to build your bond.

The skills you both learn will also prepare you for your next level of training if you choose to join our regular weekly VIP classes to include some pet gundog work or fun dog agility.

Learning to Speak Dog

What will you learn?

Below are just some of the things you and your dog will learn in Foundation Level Dog Training. Just as importantly you will have fun and quality time with your dog.

Build your bond and provide good mental stimulation as you progress what you already know and learn new skills.

Learn a life saving STOP command
Progress your lead walking skills around distractions
Introduce a whistle for recall - a great back up if your dog gets distracted or too far away
Reinforce your recall around distractions
Progress STAY
Reinforce and progress focus around distractions
Teach your dog to run 'round' things, coming back to you - a sendaway
Progress your food bowl eye contact - can you do this while walking out of sight
Teach your dog Heel position
Teach your dog to do 2 weave poles - great fun in the garden
Teach your dog to be aware of his/her back legs
Teach your dog to go to a mat - another sendaway

Dog Training

Dog training with us is not only effective but great fun too. It’s positive for both you and your dog.

We are a multi-award winning dog training academy of excellence.

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