Dog Recall Training

Training your Dog for Recall

What do we really mean when we talk about recall?

Recall is about your dog coming back, every time you call, regardless of distractions. We need to know that when we call our dog, they will come running back to us.

Generally, for new pups and food motivated dogs, in the early days, food rewards will work well, but as time goes on, for some dogs, especially around distractions you need to find something of much more value.

Find your dog’s motivators

Without the right motivator, your dog is unlikely to deliver the behaviour you ask for.

As your dog reaches adolescence, or as your dog becomes more settled and familiar with you, you need to work hard on recall by ‘building your tool kit.’ See our training bags to put your ‘tool kit’ in.

Dog’s learn by patterns and habits. 3 times running off to play with other dogs, or chasing a squirrel when you’ve called them, and your dog is starting to get choices about what to do when you call. Read more about recall here. 

Keep your Dog and Others Safe – Teach ‘Fido, COME’

Recall Introductory Workshop 

Saturday 4th May at 3.15pm – 4pm

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A one off introductory group session to learn all about recall. Learn what you need to do to get your dog’s recall on track.

Who is this for?

  • Dog’s that have had some formal recall training but it’s falling apart
  • Dog’s that have had some recall training but it never really worked well

Who is this not for?

Young pups who have had no formal training – check out our puppy training

Dog’s that are new to you that have never had any recall training – check out our meet and greet session

What will you learn?

  • What is your dog’s biggest motivator (if you aren’t sure)
  • How to use your dog’s motivators to ensure you get a good, solid recall
  • What whistle to use and how to train one, if you would like to
  • The mistakes you are making at home that mean recall will be poor when you’re out
  • The mistakes you are making on walks that mean recall will be poor
  • How to stop it getting any worse – which it will if you don’t do something about it
  • How to start putting it right straight away

If you’re struggling with getting your dog back when you call them, invest in your dog today and join our one off, introductory recall session.

If you want to continue training with us after the session, we have many options available.

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Recall Training Introductory Session

£19.99 Inc. VAT
Recall training introductory session 45 minutes - Saturday 6th April 3.15pm - 4pm

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