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Pet Gundog Training Classes in Southampton

What is pet gundog training?

Training your dog to retrieve – don’t worry we’re not using guns or pheasants!

Pet gundog training is all about your dog bringing a ball or dummy back to you. Your dog will learn self-control. (S)he will learn to wait until you say before going out to collect the ball or dummy. When your dog brings the ball back (s)he will learn to put it in your hand, not drop it on the floor. Learn verbal & whistle commands. A great activity for you and your pet gundog.

Have some great fun using their nose too!

Any dog can do it.

We have Jack Russell’s in class. We have Doberman’s in class. They all just love to retrieve & that’s what pet gundog training classes are all about. Teaching your dog to bring the ball back, put it in your hand, wait patiently while you throw the next ball or dummy & give him/her permission to fetch it. Collect the ball or dummy that you say, when there is a choice of two or three.

Dog’s need mental stimulation. This is a great way to give your dog chance to use his brain. A brain tired dog is a very happy dog.


If you have a,dog retrieving dummy


-Golden retriever

-Italian spinone

-English/Irish/Gordon Setter

-Working cocker spaniel

-Springer spaniel

or any mix of the above – yes, that includes Cockapoos & Labradoodles, your dog will love retrieving.

So get in touch and find out about our fun, pet gundog training classes. Come and watch a pet gundog class.

Only last week I went along to one of my agility classes (I don’t very often run agility classes, my instructors do) and discovered two dogs that I felt would love pet gundog class. After a chat with the owners we moved them to the pet gundog class as a trial. Both the owners loved their pet gundog class. The dogs did things they never thought they would or could and now they want to stay in that class permanently. It really is great fun.

We’re not using guns or shooting pheasants. We’re just having fun.

There is nothing better than watching a dog ‘working,’ doing what (s)he is meant to do. That waggy tail as he goes off for his retrieve, or that waggy tail as he searches, focused, looking for his ball, dummy or even food. Maybe he will need help, so he will look to you for guidance. You will know how to send him to the right place to find what he is looking for.

Partnership working – Lovely.

Teach your dog to work with you while he/she has a great time learning to:

-Retrieve (controlled fetching a ball)

-Recall, STOP, Hunt (search for balls or food) to the whistle

-Work off lead alongside you, despite distractions, waiting to see what’s happening next

-Hunt (search) – this might be for food, dummies, balls, toys – it’s about working with you

-Fun sessions for any dog.

Come and watch a class


Get in touch for more information

Gundog training is all about team work, your dog needs to constantly be looking to you for instruction & doing something he/she loves. This focus carries through when you are out walking with your dog. A brilliant way to allow your pet dog to use his/her natural instinct.

Each class session is an hour and a half (to include a tea break). You and your dog get to earn,

The National Dog Training Awards specifically for pet dogs doing gundog things.

To be sure dogs are settled in our training environment and for you to get used to our training style, we initially ask you to book in to our Fresh Start programme (or puppy class). Once we are all happy we just move you to the gundog training class.

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