Gun Dog Training

Pet Gundog Training Classes in Southampton

Gundog Training classes for your pet dog are grrrreat fun

And any dog can do it.

We have Jack Russell’s in class. We have Dobermann’s in class.

Work with your dog while he uses his natural instinct in partnership with you.

So, what’s it all about,

  • Retrieving
  • Whistle work
  • General good behaviour
  • Hunting

Fun sessions for any dog.

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Gundog training is all about team work, your dog needs to constantly be looking to you for instruction & doing something he/she loves. This focus carries through when you are out walking with him. A brilliant way to allow your pet dog to use his/her natural instinct.

Each class session is an hour and a half (to include a tea break), so one half is spent on good behaviour and the other half on the other things.

pet gun dog training southampton

You and your dog get to earn, The National Dog Training Academy Awards specifically for pet dogs doing gundog things. Whooppee.

To be sure dogs are settled in our training environment and for you to get used to our training style, we initially ask you to book in to our Fresh Start programme (or puppy class). Once we are all happy we just move you to the gundog training class.

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Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.