Dog Agility Classes in Southampton

Fun Dog Agility

Fun dog agility training classes near Southampton are a great way for you and your dog to have fun.

Your dog will love having that quality time with you. Your undivided attention, following your lead. (S)he will go home tired and happy. You will both have a great time – I guarantee it.

Any dog can do fun agility dog training. It doesn’t matter what age or breed the dog. As long as your dog is fit & healthy then fun dog agility is a great way to spend time with your dog. Initially and for very young dogs it’s all about focus and skills that don’t involve jumping and running fast.

What will you and your dog learn?

-Your dog needs to be able to understand your hand and body language

-Your both need to learn left & right (often a problem for a lot of us, but don’t worry it’s fun working it out – I’m still working on it!)

-Your dog needs to be able to work on both your left and your right

-Your dog needs to know where to find you when working ahead

– Your both need to learn how to use the equipment safely

-Learn how to teach your dog to ‘go round’ things on command

– What’s a front cross?

– What’s a rear cross?

So many things to learn for both of you. Your dog also needs to have focus. (S)he needs to be keen to listen to you when off the lead.

To make sure you & your dog are ready for all the new skills & distractions in fun dog agility training, we ask you to join our Fresh Start programme first. This is a 6 week programme that will settle you and your dog in with us. If you’re ready to move over to another class before the 6 weeks is up, then that’s what we do. Just move you over to a class of your choice.

All fun dog agility classes are combined with a behaviour class. Behaviour classes are fun too. Put the two together and you can have a really good time.

Come and watch a class

Each dog training class session is an hour and a half (to include a tea break), so one half is spent on good behaviour and the other half on dog agility training.

Double whammy – you and your dog get to earn, The National Dog Training Academy behaviour awards and fun dog agility awards! Get in touch today & start climbing the Tree of Achievement.

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Benefits of Dog Agility Classes

  • Good physical exercise for your dog.
  • Enables your dog to use his brain which provides a mental stimulation that is often missing in the lives of our canines.
  • A great opportunity to socialise & have fun with other dog lovers.
dog agility training southampton

To join our regular classes we ask you to join our Fresh Start Dog Training programme so we can get you and your dog used to our outdoor training environment and introduce you to our training methods. More information about Fresh Start Dog Training can be found here.

One to one agility sessions are also available.

Please Contact Us for more details – we look forward to hearing from you.

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