Changing Behaviour

Changing your Dogs Behaviour with Positive Training

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We can help you to change your dog’s behaviour. Sometimes it is almost unnoticeably that a dog develops a behaviour that is irritating, troublesome or worse.

The important thing is to start changing it as soon as you realise it is becoming a problem.

Maybe your dog has a behaviour that you have never been able to rectify.

Dogs are ‘what’s in it for me’ creatures, that learn by patterns and habit, which means we can find ways to change what they are doing. We firmly believe in teaching dogs what it is we want them to do in a calm and positive way.

It might be that our Fresh Start programme is the way forward or it maybe that one to one work needs to be the starting point.

We have a very established programme for helping dogs that bark or show other forms of unwanted behaviour when they see another dog. Rolo in the picture below came to us several years ago. He would bark at any dog from a considerable distance. Working with Tracy and Rolo was a great pleasure as we built Rolo’s confidence and in his trust in Tracy. To see Rolo in classes, surrounded by other dogs is amazing.

Changing a dogs behaviour

Rolo is just one of many dogs that we have had the privilege of working with. It’s so lovely watching a dog choose to change his/her behaviour as they grow in confidence and become happier dogs.

Let us help you help your dog, starting today. Get in touch now.

Common dog training problems that we see

  • Barking – a problem that is very common but varied with what the dog is barking at and why
  • Recall – not coming back when called particularly if distracted
  • Pulling on the lead – very, very common and can head in to serious dog aggression on a lead
  • Aggression on the lead – this might be barking at dogs or people or worse
  • Jumping up at people – if your dog does this in the park you could end up in very serious trouble
  • Nervous/anxious dogs – therefore behaving, in what to us, is unacceptable ways

Often changing our dog’s behaviour is just about training our dogs so they feel safe and secure in our hands or teaching them an alternative behaviour that is more acceptable to us as humans.

We all make mistakes with our dogs, even us trainers! There isn’t a trainer out there who could, hand on heart, say they never make a mistake with their dog.

So get in touch today. Every day that goes by your dog’s unwanted behaviour is becoming more firmly bedded in.

Please Contact Us for more details – we look forward to hearing from you.

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