Basic Dog Training

'Fresh Start' Dog Training Classes

Face to Face Classes have Resumed

Full social distancing measures in place.

Please read the information below about the classes. Your dog needs to be happy and sociable in a group of other dogs and people. If you need more information or are unsure if this is right for you, please just get in touch.

The Fresh Start course is a back to basics programme, very similar to our puppy training programme. To see the sort of things we cover please take a look here at our puppy classes.

Places are limited during these times of restriction so early booking is advisable.

Classes may be in Hedge End or Segensworth. Please see the detail on the booking time.

Click on the arrow at the side of the button for available dates and times.

Hedge End

Please note we do not give refunds except in extreme circumstances. We have a duty of care to help you train your dog and will be as flexible as possible to help you achieve this.

Training works for dogs of any age. You definitely can, ‘teach an old dog new tricks.’

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Our Fresh Start programme will soon have your training heading in the right direction. Find out more today.

  • You might feel your training got lost along the way and now your dog isn’t as well behaved as he/she once was.
  • You might have a rescue dog and regardless of any previous training you just want to start from the beginning to build your relationship.
  • You might not have done any formal training when your dog was a puppy but now you feel something needs to be done.

Whatever your story this a Fresh Start. This 6 week back to basics dog training programme will get you on your way. You do need to do the work. Just attending class won’t change anything but we will teach you what to do and how to do it. All course materials, with videos are available online for you to support you during each week.

It’s available to any dog over 7 months of age, that is friendly with other dogs and people.

Our way of dog training is different. We offer  outdoor training in a fun way, building on focus and motivation, so your dog will choose to ‘be good’ because it works well for him/her.

Our reputation has been built on our results. We aim to make training your dog fun and something you look forward too. Many people have commented that our style of training is ‘like a breath of fresh air.’

Hedge End

The service we offer holds a guarantee. Not a guarantee that your dog will be trained at the end of the course, but a guarantee that you will have the information and understanding you need to train your dog.

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Due to huge demand we are now looking to develop our existing operations through new strategic licensing opportunities with the right individuals.