Combi Class

Good Behaviour and Fun Agility

Combi training classes are a great way for you and your dog to have fun.

Progress your good behaviour and continue to Climb the Tree of Achievement.

Learn some fun, low impact, agility skills. This gives you and your dog quality time together, building your bond.

It’s also great fun and laughter is often heard in the field as things don’t always go as planned.

Any dog can do this low impact agility dog training. It doesn’t matter what age or breed the dog. It’s all about focus and skills.

Your dog needs to be fit and healthy but the agility aspect of the class is adapted to suit. Teaching a dog to go through the wings of a jump, without a pole anywhere to be seen, is an amazing skill in itself.

Teaching your dog to go through a tunnel is such a great confidence builder.

Teach your dog his left and right – work that out when you’re facing the opposite way to your dog! I can’t and can often be heard simply saying, ‘this way.’

It really is just for fun with a serious aspect, particularly on the good behaviour part.

Get in touch if you want to find out about joining us.

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What will you and your dog learn?

Your dog needs to be able to understand your hand and body language
Your both need to learn left & right
Your dog needs to be able to work on both your left and your right
Your dog needs to know where to find you when working ahead
You both need to learn how to use the equipment safely
Learn how to teach your dog to ‘go round’ things on command
What’s a front cross?
What’s a rear cross?

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